Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Denali Wilderness Trip

We got up very early in the morning to catch our bus that would take us to the train to Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. It was about a four hour trip. We were in a double-decker train with skylights. You could see out the windows and all along the top. We were seated four to a table. We got pictures of the wilds of Alaska and then went down to eat a lovely meal at the only operating kitchen on a train in Alaska. There was crystal and china and silverware. My sister and I went out on the observation car so we could get a picture of the train as it went around a curve. This worked because we were on the last car. We got to the lodge in the evening and had a family style dinner at the Music Of Denali Dinner Theater. I enjoyed the musical number very much. It was about hikers who attempted to climb Denali Mt. McKinley. Denali means "The Great One."

The next morning, we went on a bus to the preserve. We were to call out any animals we saw and the driver would put them on the TV screen with his zoomer. These pictures then would be at the end of our video. The first animal called was a snowshoe hare. Then someone saw some Dali sheep who like to hide in the mountains. My husband called out the first Caribou. We were on the right side of the bus on the way into the park. It seemed like all of the good scenes were on the left. We had to excuse ourselves to get pictures. The trip was 62 miles into the park and then we turned around.

We were entering a place I remembered from the way in which was very narrow and someone called, "Caribou." The driver stopped the bus. We were directly over a steep ledge. I had visions of the bus toppling over when the people from the other side came for their pictures. Fair is fair, but I was frightened. I am O.K. with airplanes, elevators, even glass ones. and some ledges, but this one just seemed to be too much. No logic would tell me I was being silly. It was over soon and we had a great time. I love the way Alaska tries to keep this area pristine, as free from man-made intervention as possible.

Next time, I'll tell about the cruise. You'll never guess the first thing we had to do when we got on board.


  1. Sounds like an incredible trip! I really want to go to Alaska someday. So glad you got to experience it:)

  2. Love that photo of the curve in the train--good one!

    Now I"m curious about the first thing on your cruise. Let's see... they served you a huge buffet meal?

  3. Ooh, I wouldn't have handled that bus stopping near the edge like that either! That makes me nervous.

    But the trip sounds so great!

  4. Your story about the bus near the edge brought back memories of Colorado. We traveled through the mountains, but I begged off doing the Pike's Peak trip.