Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Always Good

While I'm still having fun cleaning, I feel it only fair to tell you of the more difficult things as well. First, more good things. My daughter just got a teaching job in Tennessee. So she and her husband will be moving away from us. This is a great opportunity for both of them. That helps when I think of how I am going to "lose" my daughter, shopping buddy, and best friend. I also will be getting some money that I had not anticipated. I had two medical tests which showed normal health for me in those areas.

I gave a praise report at church because I believe it is important to give God credit and it also encourages others who are struggling to see how faithful He is.

Now I am in my third week of cleaning. I did my files and managed to discard at least 1/2 of the paperwork. The less than fun part happened today. The first time I did my curtains I managed to take the curtains off, wash them, and put them back on. I couldn't find a snap to release the curtains so I unscrewed the ends. What a pain. Well, when I did that today, the whole rod broke at one end. Then I realized there was a release mechanism, the other one just didn't work. So I struggled to tape the rod to the holders. I tried several times. Finally I had success. This is only a temporary measure, I will get a new rod. But I thought I was big stuff when I did the curtains the first time. I am humbled. I also may have to go to a doctor's again to check on something. Bummer. I thought I was done "doctoring" for the year. Yet, you know what? I have recently realized again how loving and good and generous and awesome God is. He has made me promises and I believe them. I just rest in His love.

Hope this is a good day for you. If not, I know tomorrow will be better.


  1. Yes, I agree, take each day as it comes. Sorry about the rod! I hope your doc appt goes well too.

  2. You are such an encourager, Nancy. I love your perspective on life, and God's goodness.

    So sorry your daughter is moving away!

  3. Hi Nancy -

    My friend's daughter lives 1,500 miles from her. They talk on the phone, email, and instant message. Skpe might also help the transition.

    Praying everything turns out okay. It's sure hard getting off that medical merry-go-round, isn't it?


  4. Ugh! Good luck with your curtains issue. And your daughter's move. I am NOT looking forward to that day. It's hard enough on me now when she has to return to college!

    I'll say prayers for your medical issues, as well. I've been having similar situations--so far so good. God bless!