Friday, September 16, 2011


When you watch the Oscars or the Emmys or Grammys, do you think, I wish I could win one of those? What award do you dream of?

I’m sure that my writer friends who write only in one genre have a specific high and exalted award that they aspire to. I wonder how many there are and what they are called.

The only award that I would love to win is called the Newberry Award - the best book for children in a certain year. It usually goes to books for the 8 to 12 age. If I did aspire to one other award, it would be the Caldecott. This goes to the best picture book of the year. It has always been my dream to do a picture book and do my own illustrations. That’s probably not going to happen. Most of the winners have an artist and an illustrator.

To win any award, you have to work very hard, to be the very best in your field. That takes much dedication. Any time and effort you put into your dream takes time away from something else.
Many of my friends will reach their goals. I believe in them. I also had a goal of some child finding my book in the library and reading it and loving it the way I loved my books.

Many years ago, I had another dream. I was lonely and I just wanted a family. It didn’t seem like that would ever happen. Finally, by the grace of God it did. Now I am so blessed with the big 9 (like The Fellowship Of The Ring.) I even have more than nine people as you move outward from my circle of love. So I may not get any awards. I may not write another book. I could, but I don’t have that drive anymore. Time is so precious, but I am open to whatever God has in store for me.

If you're in the writing process right now I'm rooting for you. I'm just having fun exploring possibilities.


  1. You never know, Nancy... :)

    I would love to one day win a RITA.

  2. Great to have dreams of what could be. I would just love to go to one of those award shows and stand in awe of it all. :O)

  3. I want to win the "Well done, good and faithful servant" award from Jesus. To hear those words, oh, what bliss!!! Apart from that, an Erma Bombeck humor writer award would be great.

  4. I guess my dreams haven't gone far enough to include any awards. So far just the dream of finishing my edits and submitting my book somewhere!