Monday, September 5, 2011

Fashion Rules - What Do You Think?

Sunday I was greeted by a friend at church. I wore a tan and white jacket, white T and a white skirt. We got to talking fashion and I said I wanted to wear my white skirt one more time. I laughed and held up my basket purse. "I'm going to switch this to my black one for next week."

She looked at me sort of funny and said, "Why?"

I then explained that I liked to start dark colors in the fall. She said, "Oh, do they still do that?" I said that I knew it was still summer for a while.

That conversation got me to thinking. I believe she meant, do they still do the white from Memorial day through Labor day" thing? Or maybe she meant do they still do dark and light colors at all?
Being able to wear white sandals as long as you want or white skirts, or summer purses is probably a good thing. It is funny though because I wore that same skirt in the spring with a flower blouse and I got a "you're early" comment. I guess I can't win.

Do you put away summer clothes in early Sept.? I do. It's one of my favorite things to do. I love fall clothes and of course I have quite a lot of pieces that stay all year. What I want to know from you is: do you find it freeing to have fashion rules or do you like the 'anything goes' thing?

For me, and I admit I'm a traditionalist, I like to know some things are for summer and some are not. I still wear dresses and skirts to a church where nearly every lady wears slacks or jeans. I guess that's just one more place where I'm over the hill.

One more thing, I do like some of the new freedoms. I am thankful that I can wear gold and silver together, brown and black together, and that my purse doesn't have to match my belt and shoes. That is freedom to me.


  1. I was just thinking about this Nancy.

    I'll probably wear white pants through most of September. If the weather is hot and humid, it makes sense. White reflects the sunlight, while black absorbs it.

    I'm convinced a lot of these fashion rules are designed to get you to buy more clothes.

  2. I wear white until it gets cold. LOL!! I must be a fashion-buster. :-)

  3. I enjoy throwing a splash of color in there somewhere in my outfit sometimes randomly for fun. I think I still do have the white thing because here in NY it's just too cold to want to wear white too. :O)

  4. I wear whatever I like, whenever I like it. I pay no attention to fashion rules, in fact, I enjoy defying them! It's my body, my money that pays for clothes, and my choice what I wear. So there.

  5. I do wear white after Labor Day! Although, whenever I do it, I admit the old rule does cross my mind. But as much as I love fall, I'm determined to wear my shorts and sandals for as long as the weather will allow it. ;o) (Which in Michigan, as you know, isn't long!)