Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun Tiramisu

Here is the recipe some of you have asked for. It is handy for Christmas, birthdays, showers, etc.

Time: about 20 minutes.

(1) 8 0z. pkg. of cream cheese. Take this out early.

(2) pkg. 1.5 0z. Vanilla instant sugar free pudding

(1) 8 oz. whipped topping

(48) Vanilla Wafers

(1/2) cup instant coffee, divided

(2) oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips, ground in the nut grinder and divided

(3) cups cold milk

Beat cream cheese on medium in large bowl and then add milk slowly. Add the pudding mixes slowly. Stir in two cups of the whipped topping.

Set out 24 wafers and line a 2 and a half quart bowl (use the kind on a stand if you have one) on the bottom. The rounded parts should be up. Line the sides having the rounded part facing outward. Put 1/2 of the coffee over the bottom wafers. Scoop 1/2 of the pudding mixture over the wafers. (Be careful. Take two spoons, a large one and a small one. Scoop one big scoop and push it with the small spoon against two or three standing wafers. Do this all the way around setting the wafers up if they fall down. Then put the rest of this portion in the center and smooth it out nicely.) Top this with 1/2 of the chocolate. Then do another layer of wafers, coffee, mixture, and chocolate. Put the rest of the whipped topping on top.

If you want a bit of color, you could drain a few strawberries or raspberries for the top. I added fake holly once. Tie a pretty bow to the stem to match the event and Voila! What a surprise for someone. A bonus - with the sugar free puddings, this desert is lower in sugar grams than most.


  1. That looks YUMMO!! And I love easy. :-)

    I have a recipe for a PB & J tiramisu that I'm dying to try too.

  2. Jennifer - My little grandson, Ty, would be all over that.

  3. Will have to give this a try. My gang likes Tiramisu, so it would be a hit. Thanks a bunch!

  4. How very, VERY delicious sounding. Just to make sure....what form is the instant coffee in? The grounds or made up(wet)????

  5. Oh, it looks and sounds perfect for a party or potluck. You are so sweet--I wish we lived in the same neighborhood. In Heaven, we will!!!!

  6. Other than the cream cheese..... yummy! I am anti-cream cheese. Looks like a great time together too. :O)

  7. I think I'm going to gain weight from all this incredible recipes from my blog friends! Goodness, this looks lucious! I know me, I will try it! Thank you for visiting me and for the sweet comments, I am your newest follower, hope you follow back, so we can visit each other often. Have a nice weekend. FABBY

  8. Rebecca - I just put the kettle on and scoop out a small half teaspoon of the dried insatant coffee from the jar. Then I pour the hot water into the grounds in a mug, measure out two 1/4 cup servings in other mugs and it's ready for the layers of the recipe.

  9. This sounds like a refreshing, summer (early fall) dessert, Nancy! :o) I may give it a whirl the next time I host my Bunco Babes! Thanks so much for sharing.