Monday, January 30, 2012

Late Christmas Gift

Sat. we enjoyed a late Christmas treat from my son and daughter-in-law, tickets to The Macomb Center for the Performing Arts production of Fiddler On The Roof. I had seen the movie with my husband in perhaps the late 70s. There were several scenes that I remembered and even bits of dialog. I was curious if they would be in the play.

Our seats were perfect. We were in the middle left of the stage. I could see everything. I can't recall when I have had a better view. In fact, it looked like all of the seats were good. The play started with the fiddler on the roof and then Tevye, the poppa, comes out and asks how the fiddler stays on the roof. Tradition! Then they go into their superb song and dance as they introduce the characters.

The production is first class in every way. Another scene I loved was the pub where Tevye announces the engagement of his daughter. Here we are treated to Jewish dancing, Russian dancing, and both combined. The choreography was incredible. Imagine staging that scene. One other great dance scene was the wedding where men in black coats and hats balanced bottles on their heads while doing fancy footwork.

My favorite scene in the movie and in the play was the Sabbath scene. In the movie, the momma lights the candles and draws the swirls of smoke towards her. She is dressed up and the scene is so reverent. In the play, the family is center stage while on the two sides, two other candles are lit and the whole song is a prayer for the family. Lovely

Since they don't make movie musicals much anymore, I guess I'll have to be satisfied by finding returns of the old greats like Camelot. In fact, I love the stage even more because you get such a thrill when a big number ends and everyone claps. I love the immediacy and interaction.

Do you love musicals? Which is your favorite? Do you prefer the movie or stage version?


  1. My daughter used to be involved in a program called Christian Youth Theater. Until then, I wasn't a huge fan of musicals, but I love them now.

  2. Oh, what fun!!! I played the ghost of Fruma Sarah in FOTR when I was in High School, and loved it. That was a great gift from your kids.

  3. Jeanette - I can just see you playing that. You must have had such fun.

  4. I do love musicals, and over the past few years, when my daughter has been home over summer vacation, I've rented "Singing in the Rain," "West Side Story," "My Fair Lady," etc. I always have fond memories of these musicals, but often when I see the movie version, it seems as if its never quite as I've remembered it. (Except "Singing in the Rain" which has some of the COOLEST choreography, ever!)

    I have a feeling I would like to see an on-stage performance better. Well, now I'm off to go sing...

    "Is this the little girl I carried, is that the little boy at play, I don't remember growing older. When...did...they?" :o)

  5. I've always loved this musical. I wish we had more of this type of entertainment.

    Have you ever heard of Sight & Sound? They have two theaters, one in Branson, Missouri and one in Pennsylvania near Lancaster. We've seen many of their Biblical productions. Fabulous!

  6. How fun! I definitely prefer stage musicals.