Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures and the Pitfalls of an early Baby Boomer

I have so many busy weekends and another one comes and I don't have time to get the pictures on my camera printed. What? Yes, I said that. I truly can't understand the new thing where all the pictures one takes are on the computer and that's it. Oh, I know people get prints occasionally of the best of the best and sometimes use them in crafts or for gifts, etc. I just need to see and feel my pictures (and put names on the back and put them in an album.)

I am one of the small minority who actually puts the pictures away in an album when I get them back. Then I look at the whole thing again and enjoy. I love doing this. It's not because I'm neat but because my pictures bring me such joy. With a digital camera, I can take lots of poses and just print the ones that are good, but I often print quite a few. There is always a deal if you get thirty or more. I usually do that. I do try to be selective and only get the best of a set of poses. I do like the fact that I have all my pictures in my photo gallery on the computer. I can access them if I need them. But for the enjoyment of looking at them for fun, nothing is better than an album that I fixed up myself.
I feel the same way about books. Do you think I'm a tactile learner? I don't know. I only know that if ever books ceased to be printed I'd have to rely on the ones I have. Nothing feels better to me than a great book sitting on my lap.

I'm thinking one day soon I'll get with it and join the 21st century. For now, my blog will have to be my big adventure.

Do you still print pictures when an event is over? Tell me your story.


  1. Yes, I like to have actual pictures to frame or to put in an album. It just seems memories can be better preserved, you know? I too, am a book girl. I'll take a real book instead of the Kindle version any day. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Nancy -

    Yes, I still print pictures, but it may take me a year (or two) to get them developed. I have many albums, but a lot of them are still in the original envelopes.

    I love the feel of a real book in my hands, but I must admit I'm leaning toward getting a Kindle. There are so many great books available for free.

    Susan :)

  3. While I am definitely a "real book" person and think I always WILL be, I've NEVER been good at taking/developing/organizing pictures.
    I definitely have taken SO many more pictures since I have an adequate camera on my cell phone and have the use of Picasa & incentive of blogs!

  4. I still print some pictures off and bemoan the fact that I don't print off more cause some day they will all be lost on the computer I'm afraid but then I have two bins of photo albums that I wonder who will ever want someday??

  5. You know, it's I was reading the first part of your post, I was thinking about how I feel the same way about books. You read my mind and completed my thought! I did get a Nook for Christmas and I love the convenience of being able to download a book right away as opposed to having to get in the car and drive to the book store, but nothing can compare to holding an actual book in your hands!

  6. We have a digital camera and love taking creative shots. Up until last month, I printed bazillions of pictures and put them into albums just like you. I also scrapbook special events like big vacations.

    But for our recent family adventure in Paris, I created a scrapbook online and then had a hard cover version of it printed and mailed to us. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love it! My husband loves the pages I've scrapbooked in the past, but he loves the book as well. It was so much fun, I'm not sure if I'll ever do "traditional" scrapbooking again.

    But that being said, I am like you. I want a real, in-my-hand album to flip through.