Monday, January 23, 2012

Return - to The Detroit Institute of Arts

My son, Joe, invited me to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see an exhibit called The Faces Of Jesus by Rembrandt. That sounded like a wonderful outing. We met at a Barnes and Noble. Due to circumstances, we had sometime to browse. I love the visual feast at that place. There were notebooks with every imaginable period of design. Then we all noticed a large shelf 0f classics where several of an authors stories were bound into one book. They were gorgeous, gilded covers with just the right pictures on front, some in color. They were a great price ($20) and I was tempted to get one. We all refrained, with long last looks.

When we got to the museum, we found that we had to wait until 4:00 to see our exhibit. That meant about 4 hours to spend in the museum. We are in the cafeteria and I got a Maurice salad. I told Joe that I hadn't had one since way back at Hudson's Department store.

We had time to visit many exhibits. I saw some Van Gogh's and a picture called The Nut Gatherers by W.A. Bouguereau. One of the girls in this picture had a face so full of joy and life. My other favorite, I don't remember the artist, had a dad in a robe, a mom in pretty lounge attire, an infant and a slightly older sibling. The parents were looking at the children. The mother had her left hand on her heart and she had gently placed her right hand against her husband's chest. It was a complete circle of love. Volumes were spoken with just a brush and some great talent and emotion.

We finally saw the Rembrandt exhibit. It had many of his pictures of his sketches. There was lots of information about him and how he decided to portray Jesus the way he did. One room was all faces - rich, dark, sensitive, beautiful. All of it was good, but the faces were what made the whole trip worthwhile.

To end the trip, we ate at the Union Street restaurant. On their special: J.L.Hudson Maurice Salad. Isn't that funny? Well, at the museum I turned down mac and cheese to get my salad. So the evening meal was mac and cheese.

Hope those of you in the Detroit area get a chance to see this exhibit. It will be well worth it.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful outing! Glad you had a good time, right down to the mac and cheese. :)

  2. I love museums (as long as they have benches where you can sit and rest)!

  3. Susan - this one has lots of benches to sit on and even has movable seats that hook over your arm that you can take with you to sit down wherever. And then you can leave them on hooks on the walls.

  4. My husband saw this same exhibit in Chicago or Indy, and loved it! So glad you got to see it.

  5. What a lovely day! I would love to see that exhibit!

  6. I've been seeing that exhibit promoted all over the place but haven't had a chance to see it. I'm so glad it was worth the wait! And that's so funny about the Maurice Salad. Ha, ha!