Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Rests Softly In My Heart

I guess you could say that this is my Valentine's Day blog II. Since that is my favorite day of the whole year, I'm going to go ahead and let myself have a sequel. I was putting off making my cards this year. Getting started and getting things out is the worst part of any job for me. But once I "made a mess" all over the table so I could be creative, the fun started. I usually do each card differently. This year I decided to do one basic design and use various papers. Since they are home made, no two are exactly alike. Oh the fun I had and they were made with love for each person concerned.

I told a family member that what I love about this day is that it's so simple. My husband and I don't buy expensive gifts. One year he gave me a selection of red objects from the dollar store and I loved it. I just feel like a kid all day. I love to look at all of the "penny" valentines they still make. They aren't as cute as they were when I was a girl, but I still get my kicks looking at them. I love the store windows in lace with red and white confections of every type. We will be going out to eat and I like to dress up and think lovely romantic thoughts like - how did I get such a wonderful person to share my life all these years? Well, that was God's grace, pure and simple. Hoping you will have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Nancy


  1. Aww, that's so sweet! The hubby is taking me and the kiddo to dinner tomorrow night. And I got him a little suprise when I went out shopping today. Can't wait to give it to him. :)

  2. Lovely cards! They are sweet, simple, and very nice - my favorite kind! Have a wonderful week!

    Btw - loved your picks in your comment on my blog. :) Good choices!

  3. Those are precious and colorful--I love them!

    Our anniversary is Valentine's Day. 37 this time. I was five when he proposed.

  4. Beautiful, Nancy! When I think of Valentine's Day, I see Victorian themes of hearts and lace.

  5. That is so impressive you hand make each Valentine, Nancy!

    My hubby tends to be a bit more practical than romantic when it comes to this holiday. He always waits until the day after Valentine's Day to go out and get me an extra big box of chocolates in a pretty heart-shaped box--50% off!! But I don't complain, because I get twice as much chocolate that way! Ha, ha!

  6. Holly - You get a beautiful heart box and twice as much chocolate? Sounds like a great deal to me. Enjoy it.