Monday, February 27, 2012

The Fun Of Collections

Are you a collector? I didn't mean to collect all of the salt and pepper shakers I have, but the antique store just had so many and once I got started, I enjoyed the journey. Right now I have enough and more. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to be in that "one in, one out" mode. There is just no cabinet space for more and I don't intend to build extra shelves to hold my collection. My dad made this little white shelf about twenty years ago. It has housed many things in its time. I have some S and Ps on the windowsill and I love to use them for holidays.

If I put them on the table, my husband expects there to be salt and pepper in them so quite a few of them are filled. My favorite ones are either a holiday theme or a couple: boy and girl, man and woman, etc. I like each one of the pair to be a little bit different like the little Irish girls. They can be the same if they are spectacular like a set of little green Sprite bottles I have.

I also collect old books that I loved as a girl, little brightly painted juice glasses, and I did collect Toby mugs. These are little English men with tricorn hats. I'm pretty filled up with the glasses and the Toby mugs. One thing I'd like to find is a white primary color fruity table cloth like the ones from the 50's. And it needs to be square. I don't want to spend a lot, so there is that element of the hunt left for me. I only need one or two of those.

Do you collect anything? What kinds of places are the best for the hunt?

I am off to Tennessee on Friday to visit my daughter who moved down there with her husband last August. We are so excited to see her and visit Nashville again. So I will not be posting for approximately two weeks. See you then. It will be almost spring!


  1. The only thing I collect is Christmas ornaments from places we vacationed.
    Have a great time and safe travels!

  2. What fun!

    I used to collect bells, but they got too much to keep clean, so I am down to a dozen or so favorites.

    I do collect goblets from a hotel in San Luis Obispo, CA, called Madonna Inn. They have the copyright on the mold, so it's the only place in the world you can get them. I have 30 or so in different colors, and use them for holidays, company dinners and ice cream!

    Have fun with your daughter!

  3. Have a wonderful time visiting your family, Nancy! And nope, I don't collect anything...except, well maybe books. I get a little ridiculous where books are concerned, especially considering what a slow reader I am!

  4. Enjoy your time with your daughter! I have never been to Nashville but would love to go sometime.
    I used to collect tea pots but stopped.Also collected little houses and stopped that too!

  5. I have a doll collection and a thimble collection. One tip to collectors: don't buy with the idea of investing. Buy something because you enjoy it. If it increases in value, it's a bonus. Most collectibles have to be extremely old and rare to be worth anything.

    We'll miss you, but have a wonderful time!

  6. I collect crocks and pitchers. I often come across them at second hand or antique stores. Once in a while I'll spot one at a yard sale.

    Have a wonderful visit with your daughter!