Monday, March 26, 2012

Meeting a Ray Of Sunshine

I was sitting in an office with a good friend recently, and I heard a very lovely lady speak to another patron. "You should be happy if you could get up today. If you don't hurt anywhere, be glad." She was cheerful, helpful, informed and her upbeat attitude was very touching. She was trying to help some people who came in to see that even with problems, you can have an upgrade in your perspective.

I know that people have serious problems: health issues, financial problems, serious troubles. You have a right to sympathy and prayers. This woman is just saying that if we can get out of bed or have all of our parts working, we can be happy to be alive and to have a thankful attitude. I have been trying to do this. I have heard this type of saying before and right now I am in the category where I am blessed with good health, enough finances, and people to love and who love me. So I want to wake up each day with a song in my heart and give thanks for how I am able to move freely and feel good. Do I have any problems? Yes, of course I do. You may hear about a few of them some time. But even with problems, I want to appreciate what I do have.

This lady in the office was just sharing her joy and hoping that others would catch it. I think that was a great thing to do. She really couldn't help it. Sunshine was just bursting out from all over her.


  1. I just finished a great book called One thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp. In it, she talked about thanksgiving and gratitude and that we need to learn to be thankful in ALL circumstances--even the bad. It really moved me.

  2. This is a great reminder. I try to thank God for all the small blessings that come my way. If we wait for the big things, we miss out on so many special opportunities to reflect His joy.

  3. Oh, I love that, Upgrade your attitude! Thanks for the fun phrase.

  4. I love hearing about people with attitudes like the woman you overheard. A while back we were having a difficult time and I started a Gratitude Journal to remind me to be thankful. I'd record five things I was grateful for each day. And now that things are going better, I STILL try to remember to do that!