Saturday, April 28, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Susan Reinhardt at Christian Writer/Reader Connection gave me this award about a week ago.  You can visit her at  She interviews writers, keeps us on our toes, does analogies and warm devotions.  Thank you, Susan.

I'd like to pass this award along to Brenda at  Her blog, It's a Beautiful Life, is full of visual and emotional beauty, every time.
I'd also like to give the award to Rebecca at  She is the best treasure finder I have ever seen.  Visit her and see how she used her finds in her home.

The rules for this award are that the receiver should pass it along to 15 bloggers.  I chose two that I enjoy so much from my reading list.  Also, you may write 7 interesting things about you that readers might not know.

Here are my revelations:

1.  I love to sit on the register when the heat comes on.  It dries out my skin, but I get so cold and it is so comforting.
       2.  I enjoy reading craft books and directions and then not doing the projects. 
        3. I hate driving on the freeway and making left turns.  I will go to great lengths to make any turn into a right turn.
       4.  I have postcards from all the major places I have visited since the New York World's fair in l964.
       5.  I won't eat fat if I can see it.  I will even pull it off of bacon.
       6.  I love live theater.  It just gives me a thrill when a great song or emotional moment happens live.
       7.  I am very easy going and just absorb little things and yet get very frustrated when driving or losing a game, as I found out recently - oops.  Love you, family.

So there you are.  Did any of these surprise you?  Again, thanks Susan, this was fun.,


  1. That was fun!!
    That's cool about the postcards. Do you keep them in a scrapbook or something?

  2. Right now they are in a pile in my Keeper Box. I hope I don't dump them because they are in order. I have been thinking about putting them in an album. I should do that.

  3. Nancy..... how lovely to get your comment and learn about the award you're sharing with me! How splendid...thank you! And I thank you for the lovely comments about my blog.

    I loved reading your list.... sitting on the register... we used to do that in our little farmhouse growing up. Have to admit, I still miss that. And what a treat when you're cold! And reading craft books (or recipe books) and then doing nothing, but just enjoying the ideas. Yes, I could relate totally.

  4. I love your #1 - I don't do this now, but once I read it here I clearly recall doing the same thing when I was growing up! And I do the exact same thing you do in #2, only with cookbooks! :o)

  5. Hi Nancy -

    Thanks for the linky-love. :)

    I chuckled when I read you don't like left turns. I'll go to the next traffic light to turn around, and then make a right.