Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Fall Dancing

In my last blog I mentioned going to football games.  Going to the first High School home game was always such a thrilling time.  I remember one year, we were so excited because we had just purchased a clothing item called legotards.  They were opaque, thick, colored stockings that were like panty hose (except panty hose weren't invented yet.)  If you guessed they were tights, you are right.  That name wasn't invented yet, either.  So we put our new leg warmers on and our wool slacks.  We wore wool sweaters which often made me itch.  And then, we wore jackets.  At the game, some bold girls had blue legotards on with plaid wool Bermuda shorts.  What a fashion statement!

I love the chill that was in the air.  Some of us had homemade confetti cut from newspapers.  We bought a bag of the colored, expensive stuff and mixed it with the newspapers to have quality and quantity. Whenever there was a touchdown or a great play, we threw our confetti.

The High School band always got me going.  If I grew cold, I could dance up and down to the beat and warm up.  I didn't really understand football then.  I don't get it now either.  But that didn't stop me from having fun.  I knew our cheerleaders and I always cheered along with them.

I had just seen the movie West Side Story.  It was this year, I believe, that I walked home from the stadium with music in my heart.  I ran a few steps, twirled around,  and then threw up my arms into the air like the dancers in that movie.  From one corner to another, I danced my way with glee.  There wasn't much traffic along the way, and I wasn't in the popular set anyway, so I had no fears of looking like a fool.  I wasn't hurting anyone and I remember it as one of the few truly free times in my life.  That's what the autumn air did to me, back in my youth.

On another note about fall, I was driving down a country road recently and the yellow trees ahead of me started to drop leaves in a shower of glory.  They were small, yellow bits that shifted on the breeze as they fell.  It was like soft early snowflakes, only yellow.  As I approached, the leaves just kept falling and flowing in an enchanting style.  Then I passed them and the trees were lovely, but normal.  How I wanted to just drive into that new place of extraordinary beauty where the leaves seemed to be dancing to their own tune.     


  1. I loved your memories. I can really relate to them now as I am experiencing fall after many years. My husband and I take long walks at night and I find myself wanting to kick through the leaves. Oh I remember that smell when it came back to me. I love fall!

  2. Love the comparison to dancing! It really does seem so. I enjoy this time of year so much. :)

  3. Terri - isn't it amazing how smells take you back? The last time that happened to me was when I smelled licorice. I was a kid again.

  4. That's a nice memory. :-)
    I just love the cool air. Reminds me of marching band practice. (We did West Side Story music 4 years in a row then!) Loved it!

  5. Music is like story in many ways. It makes your heart soar!

    I'm carrying my camera around for trees in their fall finery. Maybe I'll share them with my blog readers. :)

  6. I, too love fall! Music, too:)
    Beautiful blessings all around!
    Hugs, andrea

  7. What a great memory, Nancy! We just attended our final "official" high school Homecoming football game. It was cold but we were surrounded by friends and it was loads of fun! I've been doing a lot of driving along roads with changing leaves and especially on those sunny days, it's just such a magnificent sight! Love autumn in the Midwest!