Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Putting an Old Talent to Good Use

While I was waiting for my granddaughter to be born, I thought it might be fun to do a little crocheting.  I hadn't made any wee clothes in a very long time and some moms may not like the little old-fashioned sweater, hat, and booty look.  So I decided to do a blanket.  When we were at the hospital with my daughter, Dawn, I got a good start on it.  The center is going to be turquoise blue and it will be bordered by pink and blue granny squares.  I once made a whole king sized bedspread of those squares (see the bed picture.)  That was our first year of marriage.

Years went by and I did a few crocheted Christmas stockings.  Then one year when I was able to be home with the two boys I went nuts and crocheted up a storm.  I bought a table at our church bazaar and by the time the event came, I had such cute ornaments, some crocheted around plastic bracelets with bells or holly attached.  I made snowmen, stockings, candy canes, snowflakes of various sizes, and my own creation, a skier out of a long tube bead with a crochet hat and toothpicks for the ski poles.  These I put on a little mirror.

I had a wonderful time at the bazaar.  My two boys came with my husband and oohed and aahed at my table of wonders.  Unfortunately, most people were interested in ceramics and fabric stuffed letters and such that year.  Nearly everyone stopped and complimented my creations even though most didn't buy.  I did manage to sell a few things.  Through that experience and another craft show or two, I learned that you just don't know what the public wants. It all ended well because my mother-in-law bought all my leftovers for a  huge tree she was decorating at the country club and I even got to see my works on display.

Once, several years ago, I got coral baby yarn and tried to make one of those long filmy scarves that were all the rage.  I did mine with granny squares.  They were all coral, but the lines between the squares showed and I never wore it.. So that was my last project until this wonderful baby blanket. I figure, it will be warm, washable, and soft.  I'm sure baby Amelia will like it.  I'm expecting it to be done by Christmas.

I know that at least one of my readers knits.  Do any of you crochet?  Have you had any successes or flops lately?     


  1. My mom crochets and made me some beautiful blankets and a tablecloth for my dining room and placemats too.
    She tried to teach me... DISASTER.

  2. It has been years since I crocheted. Some day I hope I will have time to take it up again. :)

  3. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was in my teens, but I've since forgotten. That quilt you made is gorgeous!!!
    My mother-in-law has made each of my kids a blanket and they absolutely love them. :-)

  4. The quilt is awesome! Good for you!

    I used to crochet a lot, and sold quite a few items over the years, then I started writing. 'Nuff said.

  5. I used to crochet many blankets when I lived in PA years ago. Now I wish I had saved some for this cold winter!

  6. I am sure your granddaughter will love it! It sounds pretty. :) I can knit better than I crochet, but I wouldn't say I'd win any prizes with my handiwork. lol I can sew too, and I am better at that, I'm thinking.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love the color scheme you've chosen for your grandbaby.

    I've crocheted a ton of stuff over the years, including afghans, pillows, sweaters (both adult and baby), toys, hats, mittens, etc. I rarely crochet now. Any free times goes to writing and blogging.