Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Grand Occasion

Sunday I had the chance to attend a bridal shower for my son's bride to be. Here in the picture are from left: my niece, my daughter, my sister, and myself holding my grandson.

It was so special having extra time with my sister and niece. They live in Ohio and we only see each other about twice a year. I was overjoyed to see all of the lovely gifts for the new couple. We played the game where you decorate a chosen person in a bridal gown made with toilet paper. My dauaghter was the "victim" in our group. She looked darling even though someone else won.

My two sons made an appearance near the end and greeted everyone.

The baby was so good, even after being handed around to many guests. He's a trouper. So it turned out to be quite an occasion. The wedding is three weeks from that date and so there is much to anticiipate.

Here is the baby and Mom.


  1. What fun! I love showers, especially the games; i am too competitive!
    Nancy, I'm so happy for you to have such a wonderful daughter in law.
    And that baby is a keeper!

  2. Jeanette - you have such a warm heart. I love the things you say. I do indeed have a treasure in my daughter in law and daughter, too. I could go on and on. Don't you just love families?

  3. How fun! You have a beautiful family. I've never heard of that toilet paper game but it sounds fun.

  4. Our daughters wedding is Sept. 19th and we are running around like crazy. Hope you have a wonderful day and GOD BLESS, andrea

  5. He is a cutie and you are blessed to have such a nice family.