Monday, August 24, 2009

Letting Go

Read Jeremiah 31:16,17

"Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days." Ecc.11:1 NKJ

Are you experiencing the pain of releasing your young person to God's care? I did when we left our shy son among strangers at college.

When we revisited him at mid-term, time was so short. He talked with his dad at lunch and I had no time to visit with him. There were tears in my eyes as he left with an air of authority. He gave no parting hug. I knew he was being macho, and it hurt. He walked away from me towards his new world, his weathered coat flapping like a sail and his sandy hair tousled by the wind. I knew a page had turned.

What had happened to my tenderhearted son? I didn't like his idea of growing up. Still, there was nothing to do but pray and wait for another page.

Since then, out son has come back to us many times, but not as the young man we left behind with his luggage and hopes in tow. He has returned a man with consideration for his parents and a new love for his siblings.

So take courage as you release your trained-up child to the world. Give the world the best you have. Then , like my son and the bread on the waters, it can come back to you after many days.

Prayer: Lord, help us to release our chilldren and all things to You. Amen

(My son graduated from that college and he is the subject of "August Night." He is also the son soon to be married. So God's plans do work out. Nancy)


  1. This post is something I needed to read.. Letting go and trusting God with our children is so difficult - but how can our children be trust worthy and grow in faith if we don't give them a chance...
    Great post - thank you.

  2. This is a great post! I'm having issues with sending my daughter off to high school, and in three years, it will be college. I need to learn to let go. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I've never had children so I can only imagine how hard it is. You're responsible for them all their lives and then you're expected to one day just turn them out into the world and hope for the best? I don't think a mom ever truly stops worrying about her children.

  4. Thanks for the nice words and you never do stop worrying about them, or should I say "being concerned?"

  5. I remember leaving my daughter at college. I cried half the way home. It's a time of great change and also rewards for the work we've done as moms. Your son did well!

  6. What a wonderful scripture! Letting go of our children is so difficult. I hope I am so graceful when mine go off to college:)

  7. Ah, it's so encouraging to hear your story! Thanks for the breath of hope!

  8. Eeek! wah, wah, wah! I just left my shy son at kindergarten. *pout* I guess this is only the beginning.
    I'm glad everything turned out wonderful for you though! :-)

  9. Wonderful, encouraging post Nancy! Thanks for sharing your heart so openly.
    I would have hugged him anyway, even if he didn't hug me back! LOL! I AM the mum, after all!!!