Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Way of Life

Scribed by Gracie Prior

Dearest One,

It is good to be dilligent. It is good to pray. As you cast all your cares on Me, there will be a great peace that will so come over you that I say others will notice. Just live your life, one day at a time, being faithful in what you know and what you have been shown. You will be rested, joy will overtake you. There is victory in this way of life. My energy and power are here in the present with you. I don't want you to run ahead. This way of living will lead you to the place of My fond and hearty, "well done."
Also, you are correct that I want you to stand on the solid Rock of your salvation. It will comfort you. I am going to be speaking and I want you to listen. Remember, be calm in all things.
Loving you,
(This is a busy time for me. We have a wedding soon. Monday, I hope to get my new and improved internet so I don't have to visit the library so often. There are more things coming up that I will discuss later. I just want you to know why I have had to cut back a bit with my blogging and that I value our times together. Fondly, Nancy)


  1. Great Word today - Praying for you sweet one.

  2. Friends - I have lost the pictures of my followers, so have also lost access to some sites. Please be patient. Maybe they will show up next time.

  3. Have a wonderful time with the wedding! And don't worry about us! We'll be here when you get back!

  4. Look at you, you little blogger, you have thirteen followers now. WHOOPPEEE!! Still loving reading your posts.

    Rebekah (the other one)

  5. Get caught up and enjoy that wedding:))

  6. Rebekah Ann. - So glad you're following.
    Thanks to everyone for your support.