Monday, September 28, 2009

About Roses

Letters from Camp Farthest Out

There is no place where my love cannot go. I have sent you to be a minister of that love. I have equipped you, even you to carry this out. A rose I plant along the way. I tell you – I command you to look at the rose. The thorns are only for your protection and I have created a perfect rose.
Look to the rose. It may be fragile and wilt early, but you are not yet experiencing the full benefits of eternity. Not a preserved rose or an artificial rose do I want in you, but one which blooms for one shining hour and then is taken from the stage where other roses bloom.
I love you. You are my perfect workmanship – created over time in my image. There is no rose in all my garden that is anything like you. You are an original creation.
Don’t think that because you are fragile I don’t love you. It’s the nature of roses. Not all my children are roses – some are sturdy oaks, others bending willows. I have made you delicate to be a thing of beauty. Rejoice in my love.

You are my “Desert Rose.” That song was written for you. It will bless others, but you are my special Desert Rose. Last year, I spoke all about roses and how you are fragile. Read that along with this and see the place you hold in my Kingdom.

You think you haven’t grown or matured, but you don’t see what I see. You are buried deep in the soil. Don’t you know that you are about to send your first shoot up to form the plant? Your tears have watered the seed and caused it to burst open.
There are so many vulnerable people just like you. I have given you the ability to speak for them and express the details of that type of life. They will be amazed that someone else can feel what they feel. Now do you know why you had to go through the desert, O Desert Rose? Don’t worry about how or when I will accomplish this. It will be your ministry. It will be your life. I have created you to speak to and for my shy, inhibited, tenderhearted, hurting ones. And the Desert Rose will glorify Me, the True Rose, The Rose of Sharon. I love you.

My dear child. I see the growth in you. I planted it, watered it and now it is beginning to spring forth. Will not the sower, the planter, the gardener also harvest the crop and use it for its intended purpose? I say “I AM” and I will. See how contented you have become. Isn’t it better here in my arms than anywhere else in the world? Yes, my dearest one, you will be used in my service. When I say ask – I want you to ask. When I say believe – I want you to believe.

Your sons and daughters are mine and will be mine for eternity. They are called to “such a time as this.” They are unique – like any rose whom a loving gardener tends. Keep watering your roses. The desert will bloom.


  1. Beautiful, touching and just what I needed to read today!

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  3. Beautiful. I love how poetic this post is.

  4. This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for sharing these nourishing words from the Throne. Lovely.