Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Down and One to Go

This seems like a good time to tell you about my surgery. I was in the room ready to go and the anesthesiologist came in. He is an Asian man with a fondness for old movies. He made me laugh. The nurse put my IV in like a dream. She said it would be a prick and a burn, no big deal and it wasn't. I didn't feel the needle go in. Two times while I was waiting, a male nurse covered me with warm blankets - they were steamed, almost hot. It was like a spa.

When I finally got in the operating room, I kept waiting for the jab in the head by my eye that I knew was coming. In the prescreaning period, they had done a lot of bright lights in my eye and measuring, and "looking right here." So when the surgeon said that, I did it. He said the anesthetic would be kicking in soon. I kept waiting for the jab. I'm still doing a lot of looking. I see what looks like two halves of something in different colors. My mind is getting groggy, but I hardly realize it. I can still do what the doctor says, "blink, look up, look down." I hear them
talking about what rooms they can put me in. Suddenly I realize it's over. I never got the shot. He was a sneaky one. He must have put it in the IV, but I don't know when. The operation took about 15 minutes. I had revcovery and went home.

That whole day I was a pirate with a pinpricked eye patch over my left eye. I watched a movie that way and made it to the next day.

You can imagine how glad I was to lose the eye patch. I could see pretty well. I found that if I wore a contact in my right eye, things were almost normal. I went back for a checkup Friday and they said I was doing well.

Today I'm typing with my one contact and the implant. It is a bit hazy, but that is supposed to clear up as the days go on. So that's my report. God is so good. I couldn't have had a better surgery experience. Thank all of you who prayed for me. The next eye will be fixed on Oct. 1.
My goal is to "see clearly" for all the reading and writing I plan to do. Nancy


  1. I didn't realize you were getting surgery on your eye. I'm glad though it went well and that you can see better!!

  2. Glad it went so well. I get all creeped out when I think about people poking around in my eye. I don't even know if I could withstand Lasik because I saw on TV how they peel the lens back and it freaked me out!

  3. Glad it went well. I've been praying for you.

  4. What a relief! You made the procedure sound enjoyable, although I'm sure it must have been stressful. I want some hot blankets now!