Thursday, September 24, 2009


"Hello, Houston, we've got a problem." It turns out that something unusual happened along the way to my perfect eye healing. It seemed to me that I wasn't seeing distance as well as I should and also that I was seeing reading material better than I should. So today I went in and as of right now, it's still a mystery what the problem is. So my surgery for the right eye is on hold until they can figure out what to do. A lot of checking will be going on and there are options. Until then, I will just be happy that, for now, I don't have to look for my glasses in the morning. It's been real nice. I'm at peace because it isn't something I did, but someything that just happened and I have a doctor who is looking into the problem.

On another note, it occurred to me that I forgot one of my favorite parts of CFO in my last blog. We had something called creatives. There were music, art, drama, and writing. I used to try music every other year, art usually every year since I minored in art in college, and drama at least twice. All the youth showed up for drama and I got to see my teenage boys showing their values in impromptu skits, things they would never say to me. I did drama in highschool and enjoyed participating. Then of course there was writing. Here is where I learned to do my letters from God. We were told to listen and write what we felt He was saying. I enjoyed them so much that I did an annual CFO letter, even on years I didn't go.

One year soon after that, I was at a Christian Women's Conference in Fla. and I met Stephen Strang. He sat at our luncheon table. He was editor of Charisma at the time. I also met Maureen Eha from that magazine and she told me to write what God showed me each night. That is what truly started my large stash of letters that I now quote from and treasure.

The Lord has been doing some incredible things for me in the last few days. He showed me through several stories and a "live happening" that what was going on with my eyes (lack of distance vision) was not what it appeared to be. I got lots of Words and encouragement that He is in charge and that His word is true.

Has God ever shown you by a life experience something He wants you to know?


  1. Every minute of every day sometimes. I went to a Christian rock concert last night. Watching the people there praise God while ejoying three amazing artists was very inspirational.

  2. Praying all gets better with your eyes. God seems to be constantly showing me the way through life experiences:)

  3. I'm sure he has. Right now I'm really tired so I can't think of anything off hand, but for sure I've felt like he's answered tons of my prayers!
    I wish I heard him more often.

    How cool that you can read better than you should! LOL That's a blessing.