Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Avalanche

It's snowing over at my house. The place is covered with little white things. Not in snow but in notes! Everywhere I look, pieces of paper have taken over. If I search in my fairly new address book, I see snips and snatches of messages in the front. In my Blogger notebook where I list new URLs to check out, my recent post titles, and my comments log, the front has its share of paperclipped jottings. Well, when I blog, I get a good idea for the internet, or someone leaves a touching comment, or I need to remember to go back and visit a site for a certain reason. I do have a "notes" section on that same book, but it's so much easier to write it down and stick it in the front where I'll see it.

In addition to these tidbits, I write my favorite scriptures out when one verse touches me. I also use 7 notes to write out my week. Yes, I have a calendar and it is duly marked, but it is just so helpful to have one daily paper to work from, CROSS THINGS OUT likt Toad did in Frog and Toad, "The List." Then I can throw the list away.

Another thing I do, you might wonder at. I periodically go in my room and list what dressy outfits I'm going to wear for each Sunday, usually for a 3 month season. I don't have to do this. It's fun for me. I love playing with clothes and figuring out outfits. If on that day I don't like the outfit, I can make one up. It truly does save me time on Sundays. I'm always at church early.

My family looks at my notes and screams, "get a notebook" I've told you I have notebooks. Many of them. I have tried things with planners and other ways. I just have to have most of my current info right in the left little drawer of my desk. When it won't close, I put the notes in categories of folders and throw the rest out. Now it's ready for the next time.

This is my guilty little secret. I'm going to have to get busy sorting soon. Am I alone? Can anyone relate? Nancy


  1. Oh dear. I think this is a trait of a lot of creative types, Nancy. Don't be down on yourself for it.
    I love brightly colored post-it notes, but try to throw them away when I'm finished using them. Sometimes I have "piles" though.
    I think the "playing clothes" idea is a great one!

  2. I am definitely a note writer. I have to-do lists for EVERYTHING. I do use a notebook, so my lists are all kept in a neat, tidy fashion...but you have to do what works for YOU! :)

    P.S. When I was in high school I used to plan my outfits for the full month...

  3. Just as long as you cut out that habit of writing notes on old bank withdrawal envelopes! That cracks me up - Ben

  4. I love that you write scriptures on little notes. I've gotten out of the habit, but you make me want to start again.

  5. You are very into having things on paper! I try to be as paperless as possible, but I like having things on paper too. Sometimes I'll write on a notepad just for a change of pace. It seems I enjoy writing more that way; I just can't write as quickly.

  6. These comments are so cute and funny. You have all made my day!

  7. I do the list thing! LOVE to cross them off when I complete them and toss them! But I have drawers full of files that I probably won't even use:))