Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Good Stuff

My grandma had some very nice dishes, linens, lace tablecloths, and other fancy things. When we gave her something new, she would usually save it. She did put her pretty cut glass bowls on the table, but when she died, I saw a wealth of goods that had never been used in my presence. I wonder what rainy day she was saving them for.

I used to be that way about clothes. I still am a little bit. Back when I was young, we had good clothes, school clothes and play clothes. Now that most people don't dress up for a lot of occasions, I still have too many "just for good" clothes. Sometimes I do give them away when I don't like them anymore. But to use the good stuff for work or home times just feels "wrong." Yet that is what I am intending to do in this new year. I got some new jeans recently,and they look much better on me that the old ones. So I have decided to wear them at home for my husband and look nice just for him. I'm also going to take some of my better things and be creative and use them for jackets or in a different way so they don't just sit there.

I want to get into "the law of use." In writing it's the same way. You could save some great ideas or characters so your next story has a gem or two. But if it fits in your current story, use it. The better you can make the one you are on, the better the next one will be. God just supplies when the barrel is poured, not when it is being saved.

Another idea is to use the richest things in my life. I don't want to be caught saving up fine words, encouragement, or praise when a situation can be blessed by it.

Now my grandmother was a cherished person and farmers in my area had reasons for doing things the way they did. But this is now and I don't want to be a saver but a user, especially when it relates to other people. Our everyday lives deserve the best we have to give.


  1. Oh I love this law of use:) Funny, my mother saved things like that too. She gave me her good silver and I try to use it everytime someone comes to the house--it's fun and doesn't do any good in my drawer. Same with some exciting plot or character--use it now:)

  2. I love this..I don't want to be a saver of words, either.
    Great post!!
    Blessings, andrea

  3. Wow, great post Nancy! I love the whole idea of this, both for writing and life. I know what you mean about the valuables, etc.

  4. Great post. I don't want to wear my best dress laying in my casket..... :O)

  5. Great thoughts, Nancy! I tend to file away good ideas for future reference. I need to use them in my stories, blog posts, and devotionals.

    Susan :)

  6. I love the part about God supplying when the barrel is poured. I'm using up just about all my word in my revisions, so I'm counting on just that.

  7. I do believe we need to use and enjoy what we have. I love using the items we have inherited from our loved ones. Yes, I know I run the risk of damaging them. But, I enjoy them so much!