Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Zapped My Spaces?

I just went to the eye doctor today. It is my last visit with him. Now I have to go to my regular eye doctor and perhaps get glasses, just for distance once in awhile. I will be very glad when this chapter is finished. I am very glad for the wonderful vision that I did get and praise God daily for it.

I wonder if some of you could help me with an issue I'm having on my New Post blog section. When I do a note like this, even a long one, the paragraphs I put in stay in the finished product on my blog. When I do my story, they disappear. It doesn't seem to matter whether I enter two or three spaces, they are all there and then they're all gone. I also tried indenting, but those disappeared, too. It would be nice if the things I do on my post actually turned up on my blog. It's a little thing, so I won't sweat it. Just trying to be neater and clearer. Thanks, Nancy


  1. I have NO clue. I am a techy dummy. However, I have a couple of blog friends you could ask that are "in the know" and help me lots when it comes to stuff like this:
    Mary @
    Edie @

    Ask either of these ladies. I bet they know the answer and will gladly help you any way they can.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. Thanks Andrea, I'll visit them.

  3. I don't know. I have the same thing happen to me. I gave up and just let blogger post my entry however it chooses to.

  4. I've noticed that sometimes extra spaces would end up in mine. Crazy blogger! :O)

  5. I use the html code where I want a paragraph. Shift comma, small p, shift period. (Your comment section wouldn't let me put in the exact html code I use, so I had to describe it.) It works. :)


  6. Glad your eyes are good!

    I have blogger issues sometimes and it seem to happen the most when I use a different program to type my post and then copy and paste.

  7. Try using bloggers new post editor. You can find it in your Settings under the Basic settings link. Scroll down until you see where it says "Select post editor". Then select "Updated editor".

    It seems to work better than the old editor.

    Rich blessings to you!

  8. I am glad to know that this doesn't only happen to me! Haha!

    -Alisa Hope

  9. My guess is your story was written on an older program than what you use now for your posts? And you are copying and pasting it into blogger. Perhaps blogger is picky. I'm gonna try Susan's technique.

  10. Thanks for the tips Susan and Edie. I'll try them this Friday.

    Jeanette, believe it or not, I type in those stories every week. They are fresh and updated. That's why I get so frustrated. My copying and pasting often sends my copy "out there" somewhere. So much to learn.

  11. You could go in and edit the HTML. To add a paragraph, you do a bracket on either side of a p. I can't type it here because Blogger converts it as HTML, so here a site with an example:

  12. Glad everything is alright with your eyes. My blog seems to challenge me daily with the techinical issues and I just don't have a clue:)