Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Joy!

New Years Day! White snow outside. Inside a clean calendar with No appointments on it yet. I love the fresh start that January brings. Whatever was wrong with the year 2009 can be worked on and made right in 2010. I love that since we are a new creation in Christ, we can put on the new nature like a garment. We can walk in that.

I love to rid up in January. I have found that only people from Ohio rid up. That just means clean the place up. Not dust, vacuum, or shine the silver. It means put things away, get the house in order. That's what I love about new beginnings - a sense of order. The chaos of the past can be cleared up. I have been spot reading the Bible for a month or two. I would flip open my Bible and scan my notes on the open pages God chose, plus the next two and the former two. When I felt God spoke, I wrote it down. I got lots of very cool scriptures that way. Sometimes my Bible flipped to the pages I had been before. I thought it was odd, but I felt God saying, "you didn't got this scripture I meant for you to have." I also found some wonderful, obscure things I didn't remember were in the Bible. I loved that a lot. Now I am ready to read a running narrative somewhere. I'm not sure where but probably Romans and somewhere cool in the Old Testament.

My color for January is white. As a school teacher, all of the months had colors for the room decorations and the bulletin boards. So now, I do my house like that. I'm leaving out snowmen and putting out some tiny wooden sleds my dad made that I treasure.

Even though I don't especially like snow anymore, I love January. I'm putting a little used Christmas CD in my car that I found a few days ago. It's old carols sung beautifully and accompanied by simple instruments. Very Irishish. I got it on a riverboat in Illinois. The indoor singer's name was Barry Cloyd and I'm going to be moving into my New Year with Irish Christmas music in my heart. Happy New Year! Nancy


  1. I, too love start overs. I like the term, "rid up"...I have not heard this before!
    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Happy New Years to you too Nancy. I've missed blogging and will be happy to be back on schedule next week. I love your expression 'rid up' as I have never hear of it before. I think I did a little of that myself the other day. It feels good to do. I like the excitement of a new year filled with possibilities for all of us. Hope we have a good one! Thank you for praying for my mom too. Her surgery is schedule for January 13th.

  3. Terri - Thank you for the info about your Mom. I like it when prayers can be aimed and specific. I'm believing and prayhing for the best for you and your Mom throughout the new year. Please update us on your blog or here.

  4. Rid up is a new term for me. Do the Amish communities also use that phrase?

    My office got a "rid up" this morning - well, a partial one. I think I need a whole month. LOL!

    I transferred the dates for my writing group onto my new calendar. It fills up fast. I write on scraps of paper and tend to lose them. At least, once the info is on the calendar, I don't have to worry. Ha! Now, if I can remember to look at the calendar.

    Susan :)

  5. Rid it up - love that! Let's rid it up! Happy new year to you Nancy!!!

  6. This is lovely Nancy thanks for sharing it. I need to rid up to.

  7. I've enjoyed my new calendar. Praying your 2010 is a great year with dreams fulfilled for you! :O)