Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big and Little Pickers

Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day full of surprises. It began with a guest speaker at church who reminded us all how much God loves us. Simple, yet through the music he shared it became more like passion from God to us.

Then I hurried home because our family was going apple picking. I love family visits, but I was too tired for anything as vigorous as picking. Or so I thought.

We all met and started out at the fancy apple orchard in the area. It turned out that they had no apples to pick unless you wanted to use some picker on a pole and get a small bag and only one kind of apple was available. What to do? We all got in our cars and drove to the simple and ordinary orchard down the road.

We piled out and found that not only did they have many different apples available, but we all got a free wagon ride to the orchard. My grandson loved it all. At the last minute, I decided to join my sons and get a small green basket to pick raspberries. This was at the end of the trip.

My husband and I didn't need apples, and I had the only camera, so I was able to document the whole outing. What a great "sweater day." The sky was blue for pictures. We all went around to the trees and found the ones each liked best. Of course tasting one was the fun part. You should have seen my little Ty holding his apple and trying to eat it. It was small and fit right into his hand. You'd think it was a treasure the way he held on to it.

At the end, we visited the raspberry patch. I had never picked these. It took a bit of time to figure out that if the berry pulled right off the stem, it was ripe and ready. We all helped each other fill our baskets. I remember thinking how much more fun this was than staying home and resting. I guess I need to learn to like adventure better.

At the end, we all had cider and donuts. Of course, nothing ever tasted better. I love the plain "greasy" ones that are cake-like the best.

This all proves two things: plain can be better than fancy and sometimes I need to get out and do something. Hope your day was a delight as well. Nancy


  1. Apple picking looks like fun! And I'll bet eating the apples is a lot of fun too :-)


  2. We have a fancy orchard by us, but I enjoy the one off the beaten path more. I'm not into crowds! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  3. I think that's it. Just get out there and enjoy all that God has made. :O)

  4. Oh one can always use apples. Make some applesauce! I wish apple trees grew here-- I would go pick them.

  5. Oh, my goodness! We went to an apple orchard Saturday! They don't let the customers pick their own, which makes me sad, but the apples and cider are worth the 45 minute drive there.

    Glad you had a fun time with your fam!

  6. Hi Nancy -

    Great pics!

    Now you've got me thinking about apples. I'd love to go to an orchard. It's something I've never done.

    I have picked blueberries. There's a place not too far away from us, but I haven't gone there...yet. :)


  7. Love the pictures! What a fun fall, family-filled day! :)