Saturday, October 23, 2010

Three Little Girls, Three Little Dolls

Here is a picture of my sisters and I out in back of our old first house that we lived in. We have in front of us our Ginny dolls. Mine has glasses on and a lovely black beret. I believe I got her when I was seven. Dolls were my world then. The advent of new walking dolls with their own fantastic wardrobes you could buy for them made me over the top.

I remember telling you that we went to Cleveland, Ohio in the fall for new school clothes. Sometimes we got to see the toy departments of the great stores: Macy's, The May Company, and others. The Ginny outfits were a bit pricey for those times. I think the real fancy ones were about $7, quite a lot of money then.

My sister on the right of the picture, Jean, the one I traveled with, always found the truly different ensembles. Her doll had a rollerskating skirt and sweater and skates that moved. She had a turquoise velvet coat with pink fuzzy pompoms and a fuzzy pink muff and hat. And the best, her doll had a nightgown and lace housecoat and a little mirror and comb set.

My doll was not completely lacking in luxuries. She had ice skates, a whirly skirt, and a cute little pink plastic suitcase. I was a bit tight with a buck and my mom made me many nice little costumes. To this day, Jean always picks things that are classy and I am still trying to save money. Not that I don't have any, I'm just a bit of a Scrooge.

My other sister, Ellen, had a pretty Ginny, too. She had cute things but she and I were so young that our dolls didn't make it to "adulthood" as well as Jean's. Mine was nice enough that I gave her and some other collectible dolls away to three little girls a while ago. Dolls should be played with. That's my motto.


  1. Oh, look how cute! I loved my dolls and stuffed animals as a kid. :-) Still have some too.

  2. So darling! Thanks for sharing. My favorite doll was a Chatty Kathy. I don't have her anymore; I am her now!

    Wish I had my original Barbie dolls; they'd be worth a fortune.

  3. My wife has a old worn out doll that she played with during her 1950s childhood. Maybe I'll take it to Antiques Road Show to see what it's worth if they come to our area :-)


  4. What a lovely picture of all of you:)

  5. Oh, Diane, this brought back wonderful memories! My mother promised to buy me a Ginny Doll if I was good when I got my first polio shot in school. Well, yours truly was terrified of needles, but I steeled myself for the ordeal. No way was I going to miss getting a Ginny doll.

    My Ginny had dark hair and wore a red skating outfit trimmed in white fur. Eventually, my family members bought a trunk, clothes, furniture, and Ginny's baby sister, Jeanette. I was in doll heaven during those years. :)


  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Susan, I'm glad you remember Ginny. Weren't they special?

  7. I love the picture! My three girls do like to play with dolls, even though I didn't seem to much as a child:)