Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Chance to Help, A Chance to Share

The Metro Detroit area is conducting a campaign called E.A.C.H. This stands for "everyone a chance to hear." They are having many evangelical churches all work together to share the Gospel during this spring season. It started with a huge march in Detroit.

There is also a campaign associated with it called 2 Word Story. It goes like this: Saved? Saved, Loved? Loved, Forgiven? Forgiven, etc. Those of us involved wear black T-shirts with "2 word story" in white and various pretty neon colors have our chosen words. This part of the work started on Easter Sunday and lasts for 40 days. We have already had one event where all sorts of helping hands worked throughout the area, doing jobs that needed to be done, wearing our shirts and explaining our 2 word testimony as we could.

I had the opportunity to help in a food bank. It was loads of fun. I got to sort to my heart's content and I met lots of very nice people. My shirt said: Alive? Alive. I just chose it on a whim as I was in a hurry and it turned out to be my testimony.

( Are you alive? Are you sure? At one time, I thought I was alive. It turns out I wasn't completely because even though my body and mind were alive, my spirit was dead. I went to church, I was baptised and confirmed, but it wasn't until I met Jesus as my Lord and Savior and was Born Again that my spirit was alive and I was whole. It made a difference in my life and in my Bible reading. Things made sense. I wasn't afraid of what would happen if I died because Jesus gave me and is giving me eternal life. Now I'm truly Alive, Alive, Alive!)

We all hope that this E.A.C.H. program bonds churches and helps many to hear a short one minute Gospel. Of course, we desire that it will start many conversations that lead to changed lives. Please pray for me to be able to share my testimony many times and for the whole campaign to be a success. Many people have worked very hard to see this come to fruition. May it happen for God's Kingdom.


  1. Are we truly alive? Great thought to ponder. I'm sure certain areas in my life could be a little more productive. I guess to "be alive" means to grow in some way. Good thoughts. :O)

  2. Wonderful! I will pray right now for you:)

  3. Neat program! I love that you helped at a food bank. I'd like to see programs like this be hands-on. Blessings!

  4. Excellent, living your faith, not just preaching. May the Lord honor you,

  5. I will pray for you. What a great opportunity!

  6. Hi Nancy -

    How wonderful that you discovered true life as opposed to going through the motions of religion! I like the whole two-word message concept.

    Susan :)

  7. Praise God! I pray that your efforts are a big success and many are added to the Kingdom of Christ :-)

  8. My son's shirt says "Changed? Changed." I have a "Loved? Loved." sign in my front yard. I think this whole idea of the E.A.C.H. and the 2-Word Story rocks! One of the things I love most about this is that it isn't just one Christian denomination participating. Churches from Catholic to non-denominational are all working together to spread the Word. Awesome!