Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Take Me Away On This Fine Day - To The Beach

As I wait for our weather to warm up, I begin to think of one of my favorite things in the world to do. I can't get enough of finding a beach and running along the water in my bare feet. I have been to beachs in California, Florida, one in Michigan between where I live and up north, and Myrtle Beach, my favorite. One spring we went to Myrtle Beach and it was so cold my husband could barely golf. I determined to enjoy myself and ran the beaches, my feet turning bright red from cold in the process. I can spend several hours just walking along the shore, jumping the waves and enjoying all of the beach cottages along the way.

Another thing I love is collecting shells. Most of the big ones are broken or have holes in them. You can get much better ones in the little shops, but what is the fun of that? So when I do find a baby sand dollar, or a shark's tooth (well, it looks like one in my fossil book,) or a pretty scallop, I am thrilled. I take these treasures home in my baggies and display them in a pretty jar or just lying by a candle.

Seabirds swoop over the waves and run in the sand. They are so lovely. I take pictures of them in flocks flying, sitting on old weathered posts, or of their tiny footprints in the sand. They just make my heart sing.

I love the piers, old ratty, seen better days piers. I photograph them from underneath, from the sides, and the top at an angle. Sometimes you can find a wonderful seafood restaurant at the end of one of them.

When I see pictures of beaches in other blogs or in magazines, I just want to run, get into shorts and a comfy top. I take my shoes off and open up my arms and smell the spray and wade in. Weather and water cold or warm, there is a seashell out there waiting for me to find it. It is my ultimate treasure hunt.


  1. Prior to us getting married, Tammy had never seen the ocean. The first chance she had was at the end of November about 10 years ago. We were in North Carolina and went walking on a cold windswept beach. Bundled up in coats and hats it didn't feel like a typical day at the beach to us but it was lots of fun anyway! The big benefit was there was nobody else out to get in our way! :)

    Since then we have been to several beaches up and down the east coast, from the rocky beaches in Maine to the sandy crowded beaches of southern New Jersey! We never get tired of seeing the awesome sight of all that water!

  2. Not nice to tease me with visions of the beach and all it's glorious delights. Hopefully, within the next few weeks it will be warm enough and sunny enough to get to one. :O)

  3. We are trying more to get to the beach since we live so close--maybe I will go next week:)) Enjoy your day, Nancy.

  4. We're saving up for a trip out to L.A. in the late summer/early fall, so no beach trip this year but I'm really craving one!

  5. Same here. I love the beach. We're close to Lake Erie, and there are tons of small shells along the beach. Magical!

  6. I love it too, Nancy. And I'm not certain if I already knew you were a Michigander like me. (If I did and I forgot, let's chalk it up to my fading brain cells! ;o) We have family in Ludington and enjoy beach time there every summer!