Saturday, May 14, 2011

You Can Disagree With Me On This One... Go On, Let Me Hear Your Side

Today I'm going to talk about THE BIG HANDBAG TREND. I'm sure you have seen them in the magazines and in the stores. They have been out for several years and they seem to be getting bigger. Even petite stars like Reese Witherspoon use them. I once got a Coach bag at a garage sale for the outrageous price of $30. I found out that even empty, it was too heavy for me. It was only moderate size, too. So how can people carry those enormous things that look like leather beach bags and not ruin their shoulders and back? How?

I found a very cute "name" straw purse at a church rummage sale for the slim price of $1.00. It was in great shape. It is roomy, about 9" by 13" in size and it's about as large as I can go without doing damage to some vital muscle group.

I have tried to see how other people (maybe you) can find them attractive. Some have elegant lines. Mostly they just look flat and hang there, probably because the owner can't bear to put anything much inside. If you are tall, then the look does get better I think. I'm for anyone using fashion in a way that pleases them as long as it is somewhat discreet, but though I have tried, I just don't get THE BIG HANDBAG TREND.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    I'm one of those big handbag people. :)

    For everyday use, I love the ones made of microfiber or quilted material. I select purses with multiple inside pockets and compartments. There's nothing worse than not being able to find my keys! With all the stuff I have to carry, the large size is a must.


    P.S. I carry the same items as I would in a smaller bag. The generous size and organization eliminate a lot of mental stress.

  2. Personally I can't stand big handbags! I never carry them! :) Tammy likes very small ones and struggles to find them. I have seen her buy them from the children's section because she can't find a small enough one in the adult department! She manages to pack a lot into it though. She caries all the normal stuff as well as some assorted tools! She is very prepared but keeps it compact! :)

  3. me either Nancy - I find that the bigger the purse, the more stuff i put in it, so i like em on the small side.

    love to you!

  4. I used to carry a large handbag, until I started having trouble with my neck and shoulder. Chiropractor visits at $36 a pop will cure one of the giant purse addiction.

    It's just a fashion phase. The designers get bored and do some brainstorming, then come up with a new look, and some people like to be in style, so they buy it. I buy what I like not what "they" say is in. So there.