Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sweet Life Sans Sugar

When the New Year was approaching, I made a decision to give up sugar, for the most part. That means that I didn’t want to eat dessert three times a day the way I had been. I could, however, have a dessert on occasion, if I truly wanted it. Also, since I had already given up diet coke and I didn’t want to get back on that, I decided to allow myself a sweet drink, especially at restaurants. I love water, but it just isn’t a treat to miss a tasty drink with my meal. I allowed sugar free desserts, but I wanted to keep them to once a day and only a few times a week. I was basically not eliminating sugar, just cutting way down.

It turns out that I lost five pounds over the first few months. I had more energy at first, too. I think I have even been sleeping better. These are the benefits and there seem to be few problems.

I wanted to do this several other times. I have fasted sweets as a devotion and did well. But to do it as I lifestyle, I just didn’t think I could. Then all of a sudden, I tried it and it worked. One thing that helps is that I don’t have any breakfast muffins or donuts in the freezer. I don’t eat candy anymore. (I made it through Easter without a pang and I used to love Easter candy.) I also don’t eat regular ice cream, cookies, or cake. They just aren’t in my house. I have taken up eating oranges and almonds with raisins as a treat. That is my fun thing to eat. With the almonds I’m even getting protein.

We’ll see how this works, whether I can keep it up for a whole year and then forever. I hope so. Especially since my rules are flexible, I think I will succeed. The funny thing is, even though I formerly had quite a sweet tooth, I don’t feel deprived. It has been a real blessing.


  1. Yeah for you! It's hard but I know it will pay off health-wise. Hugs! :O)

  2. Hi Nancy -

    Congrats! You're doing great.

    When I cut back last year, I lost 12 pounds. I've slipped some this year because of my love for cookies/chocolate. Still, I've managed to keep most of the weight off.

    I'm hoping that being in a busy workplace will curb my snacking tendencies. :)


  3. Wonderful; praise the Lord! I cut back on sweets when I'm fighting a cold, since sugar is terrible for breaking down resistance to infection.

    I'm proud of you!

  4. Good for you! I do have a sweet tooth but I've realized it gets worse the more I indulge it so when I grocery shop I try really hard not to buy sweets. Usually I'll get a bag of chocolate chips and some brownie mix. I usually have one treat a day, at night, but during the day is just regular food. :) I'm glad you did this. YOur body is thanking you. LOL

  5. Your dedication amazes me! I can't give up sweets. I just can't!!! I just try to keep my calories down and exercise and eat a little of what I want instead of a lot, but I know if I gave up sugar completely, I'd stop craving it.