Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Arts Belong To The Lord!

Imagine walking through a small door and entering a vaulted church sanctuary that looks like it could have come out of medieval times. My breath was taken away by its initial beauty. All along the sides were stonework and arches leading to the main area. It was extremely high domed and the radiant stained glass windows were so elevated you had to crane your neck to see them. In front was a lovely chandelier and in back a little architectural device that matched all of the interior.

My family threaded our way to the back and found seats. The choral group walked in. Then the soloists which were appreciated with applause. Then it began, Bach's Mass in B Minor, a work that it so pieced together, so intricate that it is rarely performed in its entirety. I sat enthralled as the chorus started. It was a delight to try to follow along with the words in English. This is harder than you would think because the music repeats phrases and you have to pay attention. Once I followed the words for a section, I just listened and enjoyed. The soloists were great as usual. I always like the tenor, though the lady alto was fantastic that night. My joy, my heart is the chorus. This is where my daughter-in-law always performs. She is so alive and full of the music. I love to locate her and watch her do what she loves.

Near the intermission, the chorus is getting warmed up for something big. They are singing something called: Cum Sancto Spiritu about the glory of God. It builds and builds and by the end, I am about to burst with praise myself. Oh, it is so wonderful to be in such a holy place and hear such things and know that the general public has filled it to overflowing. For this performance, there was standing room only.

The rest of the program was just as good, with the mass ending on a note of Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant us peace.

This is about my fourth or fifth opportunity to hear the Oakland Choral Society sing. I am proud to support the arts and my daughter-in-law. I am blessed that we can hear such glories sung about our Lord in this wonderful country. And I am blessed by the godly musicians like Bach who loved the Lord and let that love pour out in every note they wrote. Glory, Glory, Glory, Amen.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    I don't know a lot about classical music, but I do enjoy it on occasion. Did you know plants exposed to classical music flourished, while those exposed to rock died? Seriously.

    Susan :)

  2. Susan - I can believe that. I'm so glad they have baby videos with the classics in them. That should help the wee ones to grow up strong and with a good ear.

  3. It sounds like it would be a wonderful performance! I love goint to concerts and always leave in awe of the talent.

  4. Nancy,
    Sounds like a fun evening. relaxing and yet exciting as well!! I went and saw an orchestra performance once when I was young and loved it. Haven't been back since. It you go again let me know and maybe I can meet you!!

  5. For a while, I attended a megachurch in my hometown, just slightly north of Nashville. There were SO many talented singers...it was amazing. I can't express to my husband, who isn't from here, how cool it is to combine professional-grade singers with worship. The talent here is amazing...but he likes smaller churches.

  6. Stephanie - That's a tough one. I can see the awesome beauty of the former, but also the intimacy of the latter. Hope you find what you're lookin for.