Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Such A Good Day.

We had a sunny, wonderful Easter around here. My daughter and her fiance were here. My sons and wives and my grandson couldn't make it. We missed them and I hope they had a good time. Small turned out to be very nice. My husband cooked as usual and I helped Dawn and David work on their marriage plans. It was so cute the way they work together so well.

After awhile, Dawn, David and I played a new game. It was fun and easy. I love games and don't get a lot of chance to play them.

There was a time when I used to pack up all my babies and take them to my mother's house for the holiday. By the time our families were finished, my mom had a table full. She even had to add a card table to get us all eating at once. We never had the "kids' table," but whomever wanted sat at the end. We often drove over to a place called Kingwood Center where we were required to walk around and look at nearly all of the flowers. They were always gorgeous.

I would love all of my kids back next year. That would be nice. I love to set up a big table. We need the extra table now, too. Whatever happens, we will be happy for Resurrection Sunday is truly a wonderful day. And the pretty flowers in the picture with me, they were from my sweetheart, the chef.


  1. Rebekah - Me too. Can't wait to hear about your special time.

  2. The flowers are beautiful, and I'm glad you had a nice Easter. My kids were sick, so we stayed home instead of going to my mom's. I missed being with my extended family.

  3. Hi Nancy -

    Glad you had a blessed Resurrection Sunday. After church, Mom and I spent the day with friends.

    Susan :)

  4. Wonderful! So happy for you, dear sister. I hope next year your baby can be with you.

    The flowers are lovely. Tell the chef he did well.


  5. Wedding preparations...GOD BLESS YOU, sweetie!

    Glad you had a great Easter!

    Hugs, andrea

  6. Susan M., Susan R., Jeanette, and Andrea - you are a big part of my Easter joy.

  7. What pretty flowers! Isn't that sweet how they're planning their wedding? It must be fun to listen to their plans. Have a terrific weekend!