Friday, April 30, 2010

The Phone Call

Tuesday I got a phone call that a political candidate was going to be in our neighborhood. I didn't know anything about this person. As I vacuumed and cleaned, I thought all kinds of thoughts. Did I want to talk to this person or not? If I didn't care for what he was about, I could dismiss him politely. But if I liked him, what should I do? Would he ask me to get involved? Did I want to get into all that politics again?

You may be surprised that I ran for elective office at one point in my life and won. Well, it wasn't such a big deal. I won precinct delegate. That meant that I could go to my party's meetings and conventions. It was a lot of fun. I got credentials and helped pass out liferature. I truly had a passion for my cause at that time. Then, after a year or so, I found out that within the party, there were divisions and fights. This wasn't what I'd signed up for. Couldn't at least one group of people get along and agree on some things? Well, my term was over and I didn't run again.

Since that time, I haven't been so involved. Now I had to decide, did I want to start in again?

The knock came at the door. I was almost done cleaning and I had decided he probably wouldn't make it to my door on this day. But there he was. I opened up to a pleasant fellow. He started by asking questions. I liked that. Also, he wasn't the person. He was just a helper. After I was allowed my input, he told me about what the candidate would like to do and a little about him. I asked more questions. He answered and even said he didn't know. Very good. I took the very professional flyer (nice laminated cardboard) he gave me and said good by. I put it on my table with my computer.

Later that evening, after thinking it over, I put the flyer in the window of my bedroom where passers-by could see it. They can see that I support this person. It makes me feel good that I took a stand, even a little one.

How about you? Have you ever had a passion for an activity, and then it turned sour or you just outgrew it? Would you ever get into it again? Just wondering.


  1. I'm not into politics at all so never in that area but I did run a writer's group because I felt the community needed a Christian one. I lost my passion for it a while into it because my expectations weren't everyone else's and I had to learn that my passion isn't always theirs:)

  2. Terri- I have learned that lesson, too.

    When I had my writer's group, my expectation was that members would show up. That wasn't always theirs.

  3. Yes, I had a passion for a business venture that was not as I'd been promised.

    I've considered running for office, but I'd wilt under all that criticism.

    Happy Weekend! I like your new look!
    Audience of ONE

  4. Jeanette - I think you would be great in public office. It's the world's loss. But I know what you mean about the criticism.

  5. Can't really see myself in the policital realm, but it is fun to talk to people that are running and see what they stand for.

  6. Hmmm, great question. I'm passionate, but it's all internal. LOL
    I'm not sure that I've outgrown something or lost interest, but at the same time, that might be because I've always been careful with commitments and I'm not too much of an extremist (except with chocolate and books, lol).

    How cool that you ran for office!! And won! I think it's great. :-)

  7. Beth - I guess with politics, you either love it, hate it, or ignore it. I'm the only one who loves it in my family.

  8. Jessica - I'm an extremist with books, too. I'm very loyal to the ones I have loved. With chocolate, believe it or not, I can take it or leave it.

  9. Yes, it's hard to have our eyes opened to imperfections in the cause we've chosen. It's good to step back but not to let the experience put off our cause forever. There are many ways to support things we believe in.

  10. Thank you, Jill. You're right, of course. I intend to do what I can.