Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Up and Getting Going

Did you ever get behind schedule with your blogging? I'm afraid that's what has happened to me. I'm just a day or two off, but I just feel my momentum slipping. I made it through all the trials and messes of not having a good computer or in Internet. I made it through the busy days of Christmas and even the funeral. Then all of a sudden, I feel like my balloon has busted. It takes so much energy to get up and get going. I'm sure many of you feel this way when you are working on your novels and books. You are so dedicated and then out of nowhere, the wall runs up and hits you.

I think I know the problem. I'm exhausted. It isn't so much physical since I'm getting more exercise than usual. It's all the mental things in my head that I have to remember. I do write things down, but I just have a "million and one" little things to do and all that makes for mental sluggishness.

One thing I have learned. You just have to start in and then half of the work is done (at least for me it works that way.)

So now I feel much better. I haven't written anything profound, but I am back on track. When I read all of your blogs, your great ideas will get me so excited, I'll be in the swim.

Do you like all these silly metaphors? I a sorry. I'm hoping this won't happen again for a very long time.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    On occasion, I get like this with my writing. It hasn't happened with my blogging. I schedule my posts ahead of time. If I have a rough week it isn't a disaster.

    You're right. Starting is half the battle. Once I get into the groove, I'm fine. :)


  2. Your metaphor wasn;'t silly. I get the same way so often. I catch up and then life happens or I get so tired out. When I was working those months, something had to give and it was my blogging. We can only do so much:)

  3. Nancy: You are off the hook, dear. We all understand. Not to worry. And your metaphors aren't silly. We love you!