Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's Play Jeopardy

Here is a Jeopardy answer: a toothpick, a match, a business card, a mint. What is the question? What are things that are free?

Besides these very handy things mentioned above, I would like to point out some more interesting varieties of free stuff. When you buy things at some stores, you get a flat bottomed bag with little handles. I think these are cute. I save them for reuse and just because I love the graphics on them. Sometimes, at very nice stores, you get a shopping bag. You usually get shoe boxes.

These are hard economic times. When there wasn't enough money in the budget for magazines, I used to look at the Sunday supplements in the papers. Then I could see what shoes went with what pants and skirts, what colors were in and use those in my wardrobe. This works for furniture store adds, too. You can get a feel for what is new and say, put out your pewter, or all of your white dishes. You get cute ideas like wrapping a cloth napkin around a mug for a bit of pizazz.

Looking in my closet, I realize how much I love colors. Colors are a great marketing tool. Don't they just entice you to pick your favorite? But my clothes would cost just as much in black or white. The color is free to enjoy.

My favorite sort of free things are intangible. I went for a walk with my grandson recently and Michigan trees are all a' bloom a month early this year. Such richness. I saw one pink tree that was so perfectly symmetrical that it almost looked artificial. We passed pristine white blossoms and the beautiful purple crab tree. The park is free. My grandson can swing and laugh and enjoy himself without cost. When I left my babysitting job, I got an unexpected hug from my baby. That was free.

Consider good health. Consider the sun and the moon and the stars. We are all so rich.

I know technically, some of these things do cost money. But I didn't pay anything to see or experience them. "Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy." 1 Timothy 6:17 NKJ.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    I like your idea of looking at newspaper ads to determine clothing/color trends. There's so much we can do if we open our eyes and look around.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Susan :)

  2. Sitting in a park or forest (free to visit..at least most of them)...warms my heart! GOD has a free gift for each of us...HIS LOVE..I am so thankful HE bestowed it upon us.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  3. Oh yes! I'm always on the lookout for frugal or free pleasures. Our library system is offering free museum and attraction passes. My husband and I were able to tour Henry Ford's home last year--for free! And I'm with you on Michigan parks. Gorgeous! I go to one at least twice a week.

  4. Thank you for this gem of wisdom, Nancy. And yes, that is an opal in my post re: birthstones. I love them too. No one alike.

    My favorite freebie you got was the baby hug! That is priceless.

  5. Wow...great ideas.

    I buy all my clothes on eBay...in that sense, I feel I'M saving money, but also I'm putting money in the pockets of people who might need it. Plus...it's like recycling. We're recycling clothes. When I outgrow my clothing or simply grow tired of it, I put it back up there for sale and someone else buys it and probably wears it for a while before passing it on.

  6. Steph - great idea for recycling clothes. I love it.