Friday, March 30, 2012

Putting Jesus First

I have been reading a book about grace and it includes journal pages. One page asked us to list our thoughts about putting Jesus first in whatever we do. I can usually think of things to write, but this time I was stumped. Putting Jesus first in whatever we do? What does that mean? Nice words, but do they mean anything? Once before, I was stumped and I just started writing. "I'll try that," I thought. Here's what I put down.:

(I'm not really sure what putting Jesus first in everything I do means. I can understand putting Him first in my day, in my mind, in my heart. But in all I do? How do I put Jesus first when I brush my teeth or eat my breakfast? All I can think of is to take extra good care of my teeth because they are a part of my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And breakfast, I guess it would be first finding foods that are good for my body, truly appreciating all of the variety of foods there are, and then thanking Him for it all. That would work.

What about cleaning? Doing it well, singing to Him, praying, meditating on His word, having a conversation with Him. Doing dishes - being happy to thank Him for any cute little dish or glass He gave me and being glad I can do this small job for my husband. And so through the day. O.K., now I see how.)

It amazes me that when I ask God a question, He always gives me the answer.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    People are normally self-centered. What will make me happy? What benefits me?

    I think putting Jesus first means putting His agenda before my own. It's getting up and reading my Bible when I'd much rather snooze for another half hour. It's taking time to help a friend when I'd much rather do something else.

    Susan :)

  2. I like your ideas and Susan's answer. I try remember to put Jesus first in my relationships and attitudes, especially what I say. That toungue wants to go its own way!

  3. I agree with Susan and Jen. I know I often fight a "me" mentality, so sowing a "Jesus first" mentality helps a lot. Great food for thought, thank you!

  4. Oh I loved your thoughts on this. I like thinking of Jesus first and know that I don't do it enough. Thank you for a great reminder.

  5. Love this. It's funny how our attitiude toward cleaning or picking up after the family changes when we do it with HIM in mind. :-)

  6. Thank you ladies. I appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

  7. I would have been equally confused on how to answer that question, Nancy. But your post combined with all the great comments are really helpful. I think it's great how so many of the answers really spoke about moving away from the easy-to-fall-into "me" mentality.