Friday, October 28, 2011

Big And Small

One of the things that helps me to remember the majesty of God when I need that memo is to think of big and small. I once had a great book that showed that perfectly. It was called Powers Of Ten. In it, we see the stars in all their massive beauty and the picture is far out in space. The next series of pictures is a bit closer as we go from vast swirling stars to the galaxy to the planets and then a gorgeous blue earth, stunningly alone. Then we zoom closer as each page gets us nearer a couple napping in a park on a blanket in the grass.

Then we zoom in on a closeup of them and then to one of their hands and then to a patch of skin. The next set of pictures is where I find myself in awe of God and His wonders. We go to cells and in page after page we go outward in tiny specks that rival the stars until the last picture is almost identical to the one in deep space.

If the stars don't impress you, the intricate make-up of the human body should do something for you. Our God is not small, but He can do small. He is HUGE. He is a God of great details. He creates both small and large.

So whether you need God for something truly important or something small or for tiny details, He is the one who knows all about it and can help like no one else can. I do praise Him for He is truly deserving of the word AMAZING.


  1. Amen. That's beautiful, Nancy. I love how you said "Our God is not small, but He can do small." Yes, His tiny details are truly amazing.

  2. He IS amazing! Something to good to ponder this weekend. Thank you! :)

  3. Love this! Thanks for the reminder that God cares about everything from the big stuff to the smallest detail.

  4. Oh, I love this, Nancy! I like to think that nothing is big for God, but nothing is small for him, either. He cares about it all!


  5. I used to think about this all the time when I was younger! It might have been the Wrinkle In Time books that first got me thinking about how each miraculous human body is really a universe in itself as well. Our God is an awesome God!