Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Miracle Service

Dear Friends and readers: Recently, my husband had a knee replacement. He is still at the hospital but is coming home today and is doing much better. I wanted to tell my readers ahead of time that I was going to be gone a week, but something happened to my blogger mechanism and I couldn't publish. What a bummer! I couldn't connect with you and it felt awful. My son, Ben, fixed it for me. On Wed, before the fix, I was able to use the hospital computer and blog from there. That was fun. Then hours later, I logged in and saw 4 responses. That was such a great thing. You do have to nearly lose something to know how important it is to you. I later got 4 more cheerful comments. Thanks for all of the love you sent my way. And you didn't even know that I needed it.

Last night was one of those rainy nights where you just want to stay home. I had been to the hospital and didn't want to go out again. But my son, Ben, was going to play guitar and sing at a small walk-in church near me. I just had to go. It was so lovely. His songs were like little praise stories. Such a sweet spirit came over me. When I first arrived, I met someone from my past. This wonderful lady had prayed a prayer that turned out to be answered in a wonderful way. We both remember it. She was so cheerful and she prayed for something similar that was going on in my life now. Then I almost giggled. Here was my wonderful God sending my gifted son to minister to me and this lady who always means so much to me, all rolled in a package of hope. While the evening wore on, I saw that even though my prayers weren't all answered right now, that they would be. I felt I had the answer now, as the Bible says you are to pray and believe (Matt.21:22) I'm sending this to any of my friends who are discouraged. I was totally "undone" my pastor calls it. Just being obedient and going to fellowship with the Lord and worship Him gave me the answers I needed to go on to more of what He has for me. What He's done for others, He'll do for you. Love, Nancy


  1. Hi Nancy -

    I'm praying your husband has a quick recovery. May you also have the strength you need to take care of him, but...I think that one's already been answered. :)


  2. What a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing your heart. He meets our needs in interesting ways sometimes.

    Praying your husband's recovery is speedy and that you have what you need for each day.

    Have a good rest of the weekend,

  3. Oh, Nancy, how sweet of the Lord to give you this hug and kiss from His heart, to encourage you. Your story encouraged me--thanks! May your husband have a quick and blessed recovery time.

  4. Hi Nancy, I came over from Beth's blog. I'm so sorry your husband has had to have a knee replacement. I had a total knee almost a year ago. It is a huge surgery. I hope he is doing well. It is a long recovery, but God is so good!!!

    Have a Blessed evening, Dawn

  5. I hope your hubby recovers well! Music is such a wonderful gift, isn't it?

  6. Praying for a quick healing for your husband! I love listening to praise music. Always, lifts me up:)

  7. What a wonderful gift God gave you! I love hearing stories like that.

    Hope your hubby recovers quickly!

  8. My hubby has had three knee surgeries and he knows a replacement is in his future. I pray your own hubby's knee heals well and you both get to enjoy many nice walks and hikes together.

    And thanks for the positive prayer message for us, Nancy! Sometimes it is tough to remember God's timing is what's best for us--even when we can't see it.

  9. I love it when He showers us with such unexpected gifts. They are those glimpses of heaven!