Monday, October 24, 2011

God Speaks In An Anecdote

Today I was vacuuming the kitchen floor and I saw my Vitamin E pill I had lost a few days ago. That morning, I had put three vitamins on my plate so I wouldn't forget them, and went about getting my breakfast. I had my bagel and almonds with raisins and an egg on the plate. I picked up the plate quickly and swished it to the opposite counter, forgetting about the pills. They went flying off onto the floor. I looked around and found my two calcium tablets, but search as I might, I couldn't find my Vitamin E.

So as I was vacuuming way over by the side opposite where I first had the plate, there was the pill on the floor. I was happy that it was found so that it wouldn't get squashed. I thought, "Lord, do you have a message here?"
"After a time, I felt that He said something like: "Well that pill rolled, the others didn't." I know He has a delightful sense of humor. I said, "No, really, does this mean anything?"

He said, "You have to go a little farther, reach a little more. Everything you want isn't right at hand. Go over to the other side and look for it. You're trying too small, try bigger. There are big fish out there. You have bait. Go get some."

Well that conversation reminded of the book Rocket Boys where Homer HIckam and his friends tried to build a rocket. After finally getting one to work, they entered it in a local science fair. Even though they made it to the next round, one judge called them dangerous and mostly they just didn't "get it." At the higher level fair, they won easily and the experts were amazed and totally understood what they were about.

So I feel I am led to try some things that I might not have done before. Maybe some of you can enter a higher market. Those enlightened experts just might be impressed.


  1. It's amazing to me the things that God uses to grab my attention and make a point. Glad to hear I am not alone! :) Will probably think of this the next time I take a vitamin. :)

  2. Try bigger! I like that.

    And you commented about my plate "coming back already"...Actually, it's a different one. Slightly different picture with a different quote on it.

  3. Thank you Nancy!! I certainly needed to read this today--I know I don't reach high enough,letting my fears rule.

  4. Exciting to see where God will take us when we dream big!!! :O)

  5. I like that message. sometimes we want things to be right in our face all the time. Sometimes we have to look longer and reach further.

  6. Hi Nancy -

    When I was looking for a job, I remember someone telling me I was setting my sights too high. I'm glad I didn't listen. :)


  7. Wow, it is amazing how your find life lessons from God in something as simple as dropping your vitamin E pill! I know I let my fears control me all too often. Thanks for the inspiration!