Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just A Few Of My Favorite Things

I enjoy decorating for fall. I put my fake leaf garland up on my curtain rod, put out my pumpkin salt and pepper shakers and my new tan and brown stoneware pumpkins. I also add some lovely yellow, blue, and brick red flowers in my large ceramic jar. These aren't real, of course. My mom loved fresh flowers and tried to have everything real. She and my dad had very green thumbs, a trait which was not handed down to me. I have killed more plants and flowers than you can imagine (and you can probably imagine a lot.) I start out well with them and then somewhere along the way, they seem to get over watered. I don't know how that happens.

So that's about the extent of my fall creations. I do add my favorite Toby mugs. These are little British men in tri-corner hats. They are so cute to me. Some people think they are ugly. Well, I guess I can see it, maybe, but I love them anyway. The figurines just seem to go with fall.

What about your house? Do you go to extensive decorating gyrations? Tell all.


  1. Nope, Nancy. I don't! Your decorations sound a lot like mine. I decorated our (fake fireplace) mantel and hang a pumpkin flag out on the front porch...That's about it!

  2. I have a silk arrangement on my table, and some candle rings. Also a wreath on my door that says, "Bless our Home."

    I do a lot more for Christmas, but I love those fall colors!

  3. Oh yeah, Mom comes over and I stand back.

  4. No decorations here to speak of. I am too sad that summer is over..... :O)

  5. Hi Nancy -

    Before writing and the numerous other time-consuming activities I've picked up, I decorated. Now, I go to other people's houses and enjoy their displays. :)


  6. I'm totally "mum"-ified outside with flowers and pumpkins. And inside, I have a wreath and huge pumpkin that my mom made in ceramics. I have some pumpkins and ghosts in the powder room and a scarecrow out back. Um...yeah. I like to decorate. LOL

  7. I do love my fall decorations! And I can't believe we share one more thing in common, Nancy. I did not inherit my mother's green thumb either! I even wrote an essay about how horrible I am with poor ol' green and growing things.

    But yes, I'm sitting here reading your blog beside my pretend Ficus tree all lit up with orange lights and my leaf-imprinted candles glowing on the table. :o)

  8. Holly - Good old fake plants. Wash them up and they look....real.