Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big Shoes

Fathers seem to get a bad rap these days and are nearly always portrayed as "the goofus" of the family. That's not the real story. Fathers have a definite role to play in the life of a child that no one else can fill.
There's a "Dad" kind of nurturing that's not as soft as Mom's. Dad is a teacher, a demonstrator, a role model, and a "liver of Life."
Dads are hearty. They clean the snow off the windshield in winter and bring the car around in inclement weather.
Dads smell good - of leather, wool, and Old Spice. They have scratchy whiskers that rub your face and great big smiles. Dads have warm hands, long arms, and listening ears.
Dads are dependable and show up at all the ball games - even the away ones and the ones that no one else wants to see.
Most Dads like to fish. You'll see them above quiet, sparkling waters, wearing their floppy old hat with the fish hooks still in it.
Dads raise their hands in church when no one's looking, and even when they are.
Dads like country music, oldies and silly songs.
As a surprise, Dad picks out a present, just for you - without Mom's help..
Dads aare so busy that they always need alarm clocks.
On summer days, you'll hear Dad out mowing, as the aroma of cut grass makes its way to you through the window, reminding you of summers that have passed.
Whose wallet is more worn out than Dad's? It is usually full of ONES and there's always trails of money going out to you.
Dad's junk drawer is a fun to explore; it is filled with tie tacks, handkerchiefs, coins, and old souvenirs like the "prized" bowling pin.
Dad's closet has lots of shirts handging in a row. How many red checked shirts can he possibly use? There are also a few dress shirts, way in the back.
Dads like trips to a lake or to a pool, and they become the greatest of turtles. They swim and dive as we hang on for dear life!
Some Dads bake homemade cookies and create special salads; some love barabequing and covr themselves with silly aprons, as they flip burgers into the air.
Dad is the chauffeur - always behind the wheel. He is a silent companion, that is, until he speaks a "word of wisdom" that only he can give.
They're tears, yes tears, at his daughter's wedding as he prepares to give her away. Dad is looking expecially handsome in his starched tuxedo. You ask yourself, ":Is that really MY Dad?"
Dads shy away from babies, "No, no! I don't want to hold the little guy?" And later, they carry the "precious bundle," here, there, and everywhere, proudly showing him off.
Society thinks it has little use for Fathers. Society is wrong. Fathers walk across the landscape of the family with strength and grace. They are firm and gentle, weary and wise.
They wear themselves out for those they love. If it seems that they get a "little" back, Dads just give more. They know that their gift is good. Time will show, through matured lives, that all their sacrifices were worth it.
Oh, Dad! Your shoes are mighty big to fill!! (Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Nancy)


  1. That was the sweetest thing I've ever read. All the things you said, I remember dad doing...I do have such big shoes to fill. I hope I can be that for little Ty.

    - Ben

  2. That definitely brought tears to my eyes...You have raised such a good son, who in just four short days, has become an amazing dad. I can't wait for you to see him in this role. It warms my heart.

  3. Ben - You will do all that and more, I'm sure. Gave Mr. Moo two big hugs just for you. He misses you both.
    Rebekah - I can't wait to see the little fuzzy head of our little baby boy. By the time you get home, you'll be pros at the parenting thing. Thanks for all the great pictures. Darling boy!

  4. Very nice tribute--I could relate to each time period of them. Especially when he walked our daughter down the aisle. Boo hoo!