Monday, June 22, 2009

In The Heavenlies

Scribed by Gracie Prior
Dearest One,
You are my sweet Beloved. I see your desire to change and I will honor it and answer your prayers.
Every so often, you get a glimpse of holy truth. It is not words but a flash of insight. These have been brief, I know. They have been so brief that you couldn't grasp them, but they filled you with wonder. I am going to increase these so that you will be able to hold them in your heart and live them. I will bring you up to the heavenlies with Me and there you will stay. You can be and are seated in heavenly places right now. I will help you to get your focus off yourself. I willl help you to be a truly joyflul, child-like child of God. As you seek Me, you will be who I created you to be. Eyes on Me. Follow Me. I"m smiling and beckening you on.
Your Abba