Thursday, June 4, 2009

Something New

One day I was trying to get a string through the hole in the band of my husband's pants. I tried every which way. As I was about to give up, (the end had no plastic piece to help push it through,) I saw a new opening I hadn't seen before. I thought at first it was just thick material like a seam (an obstruction.) Then I saw that it was another hole. I only had about 1/2 " to go to the finish. After pulling the string through the new hole and putting a pin on it for a pusher, I was able to finish. I actually had five minutes left on the time I had given myself to do the job.
God is saying (in many different ways it seems,) there's a new opening sooner than you think and I'll get you there. Keep working. You'll succeed.


  1. What a great reminder! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new bloggers!

  2. Kara - Thanks for the encouragement. I loved your blog.

  3. Good analogy. We are trying that here--different ways to get on with our life:)