Friday, June 12, 2009

That Gift

Read Proverbs 22:17-21
"Do not neglect the gift that is in you..."1Tim.4:14 NKJ
I saw some stickers at a grcery store with that scripture on it. They greatly encouraged me. I love to see a witness for the Lord out in the open market.
I thought hard about that word. "Don't neglect your gift." You know what it is. It may not be operating now, but if God has whispered it in your ear, it will. How many times during the years have I seen God's promise about my writing. I would think, yeah, yeah, sure. I wanted it, but I couldn't see down the road. There was a curve up ahead and the longed-for thing so distant.
Sometimes you have to lay you gift on the alter. I had children to raise, I had work to do. Still God would whisper, there's that gift. Keep at it.
Now I see a little bit of what He had in store. Even now, so much is hidden. But His voice keeps repeating, hear there, and everywhere, "don't neglect your gift." You know what it is.
Father, how we thank you for your encouragement. We lift up these secret gifts to you as our offering. Use them mightily in your Kingdom. Amen
(So glad for this place to share. Blessings on all. Nancy)

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  1. I think we know when we have a gift, and like you it isn't always easy to use it but I guess that is how we need to pray--that God would show us a way. Thank you for a great reminder.