Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Ties

We had a wonderful Father's Day here. I knew my first son and his fiance were coming, but we were surprised that my husband's mom and dad from Az. and his younger brother could come. It was suggested that we show them the pictures of the baby, but we couldn't because my son, the baby's father, hadn't yet told them the baby was named after my father-in-law and the nane was on the pictures. So conversation turned to other things. Finally the call came from Colorado and both grandparents heard the news of the name and were thrilled. Then they saw the pictures and we all fell in love with the baby all over again. My husband got a nice toaster oven which he needed. He also got a handmade card from my lovely daughter who is very talented. We all had good fish and steak. And we talked about plans for my eldest's upcoming wedding.
In the evening, I saw internet pictures of my middle son's first Father's Day with Baby. I'm not likely to have a day quite so special in a long time. Nancy


  1. I am very happy that everyone was ok. When we told Grandpa the name, we heard silence for like 20 seconds and thought "oh no!". But then Grandma came on and said that things were just a little emotional on that end. phew. Wish we could have been there in person for the day, but looking forward to the rest of the summer we'll have together. - Ben

  2. Ben - you, Rebekah, and baby Ty were here in our hearts. Mom