Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Expectations of Good

Scribed by Gracie Prior
Dearest One,
I have good for you. I want you to wake every day with expectations of good. I have jobs for you. I will lead you step by step. You don't need to fret for I will show you what to do. You can be at peace. I will continue to drop joy and contentment on you and a realization of my all sufficience. Keep uppermost in your heart my ability. There isn't anything I can't do and I want to do many things for you and through you.
Let your trust be totally in Me. I have the answer for every problem and I want to give it to you.
Whether a day brings good or bad circumstances, know that I am bringing about answers to your prayers.
Don't fret over your family. Pray earnestly, but know that I have begun a good work in them and I will finish that work. Household salvation is real and it is for you.
Love, Abba


  1. This writing encouraged me greatly, Nancy. It seems to me that the Lord led me here and hand fed me. I feel so comforted. Thanks for keeping on. --Teresa

  2. Teresa - I'm so glad you were blessed. That gives me great joy.