Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When I think of the word "shoes," I think of an old beat up pair of work shoes. The laces are open and trailing. I can picture them being men's shoes or the ones from a little boy of the 50s. They make me smile. Worn in, used, protective, comforting, this all comes to mind.These shoes have been somewhere. They have seen toil and play, travel and rest. They don't look much cared for, but I imagine they are loved.
At the opposite side of the spectrum are a whole line of decorative shoes. Here, I remember my best little girl Easter shoes: black patent leaather with two little squares of rhinestones side by side on each toe. I'v never again had such shoes to capture my heart. Women are supposed to be crazy for shoes. I fit somewhere in the middle. I like plain black ones in different styles to go with everything. I also enjoy something quirky like straw or red heels. I own 15 pa;irs total - not too many.
The Israelites shoes didn't wear out. I have some like that. They go on and on. They take me to church, to see friends and loved ones, and on adventures. They could tell stories. They go in the direction I lead them and are faithful servants.
I try to care for my shoes - to keep them shined and looking new. With some of them, it's a losing battle and they have to go. Scruffy shoes are for work, nice shoes, well, should look nice.
I also own a pair of wooden shoes purchased in Amsterdam. I have definately worn them - when I needed to dress up as a Dutch girl. They also decorate my table at Christmas full of small goodies - just like in their home country.
I want to be like the work shoes with a job to do - shoes that last. I want to be like the ones with a story to tell. I also must be ready to dress up and mix in if that is what the occasion calls for. Even my little quirkiness can be used if I apply it right. Here's to shoes! May they always carry me closer to the Lord.


  1. I love shoes too! But try to not get carried away with them:) Nice analogy!

  2. Oh, shoes. The skin off my pinky toe wore off last week because I only had access to the wrong pair! Ouch!