Friday, July 31, 2009

An Explosion Of Hats

I love hats. When I was a little girl in the 50's, I had a cool yellow straw hat with flowers on top and a navy ribbon. How I loved it. Then I got a bigger brimmed one with wide pink ribbon hanaging down the back. I remember an elder gentleman at church complemented me on it.
In winter, my favaorite was a white knit with rhinestones. The material was gathered and held by a gold ring to resemble a ponytail.
As a teen, I got a blue velvet Beatles hat. It had a brim and was rounded on top like John Lennon's cap. Remember? I wore it to school. No one else did and I didn't care because I was happy and my German friend loved it.
This winter I got a brown cloche. It was so much fun to figure out diferent roaring twenties outfits to go with it. I received the correct brown shoes for Christmas and had various beads, jackets, lace blouses, etc . What fun .
For sun, I have a safari helmet, an Indiana Jones hat, visors and my Tigers Baseball cap. I wear them on walks, to stores and restaurants.
I also decorate with hats. I have two straw ones in my bedroom - a frilly place. I have the Indie, safari, and a Panama Jack hat in my Brittish Colonial living room.
Hats are just a fun little accessory. I love fedoras, which are in now. My dad always wore one. I do think I'm good for now. Anyone else got the hat craze? I'd love to hear from you. Nancy


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Nancy! But sadly, I don't wear any hats except for my handy beach hat and only because I don't like to be exposed to any sun when I'm out!

  2. Not a hat wearer myself. It messes up my hair! Ha! BUt it sounds like you have a good time with them.

  3. I remember in the late 80s when Debbie Gibson tried to start a hat-wearing trend, thinking that was a great trend to start. I even bought a hat and tried wearing it. But the trend never quite caught on. I often think some of the best styles were back in the 50s, when women dressed up for simple things, like going to the movies. Where would we wear a hat now? Most of the time people don't even bother to dress up all that much to go to weddings!

  4. Nancy: I love hats!!! One of my favorite is a dark brown one with a long black feather that I wear to church occasionally. And a bright orange one, which is probably my #1 favorite, since I'm a casual, colorful sort of gal.
    Thanks for sharing,