Monday, July 6, 2009

The Sandwich

Does it sound like I repeat myself on some of my devotion themes? It occurred to me that I did. I seem to give a lot of examples of the same thing. I guess I do that because that's what God does for me. He sends me a piece of a wafer thin sandwich. It might be e promise, a new scripture, an encouraging word dropped into my day, even a street sign or billboard. Each piece is delicious in itself, but not hearty. One day I realize that all the pieces have been put tkogether and what I have is heavy. What a great meal it makes.
I'm thinking there may be someone out there who gets one piece, says, "yeah, yeah, I've heard that before." But if the pieces keep mounting up and piling on, she may say ,"Oh, I see. I get it. That's for me." You never know which example will touch the heart just right and cause the whole to be a nourishing, satisfying, even saving feast. At least, that is my hope. Nancy

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