Saturday, July 25, 2009


Have you ever been in a rural cabin or outdoors in tents, or someplace where there were no mirrors? How did that make you feel? Chances are if you were in rugged places, you would wash up, tie your hair back and not worry about how you looked.
I wonder if you have been in a place with too many mirrors, where they seem to be everywhere. Shopping malls can be like that. Every store, every counter, even the shiny windows reveal that you either do or do not look the way you want to look.
At home it's just about right. You can decide when to look. You know where they are and can avoid them if you choose. As one gets older, that last option looks good.
Still, I love the way the shiny objects reflect light. They make a room seem larger, opening it up. A decorative wall with mirrors and pictures can be attractive.
Mirrors reflect what they see externally. It's reality, but it isn't necessaraily true. A woman whose mirror image is so-so can become beautiful when she is animated. This is especially the case when she is excited or sharing the Lord.
I guess all in all, I need a few mirrors. How about you? How long could you go without one?

(Hello to all my readers on my three month blog anniversaary. Since I am around a baby, I am counting months until the year mark and then you will only have to hear about it once a year.
I guess I'm still excited about the whole thing. Nancy)


  1. You are such a wonderful writer! I would love for you to write Ty a letter! Could I post it on my blog when you're done???

  2. I do think our culture is fixated with mirrors and how we look on the outside. It's hard not to be drawn into that, isn't it? I'm just glad that we can go beyond that to the real beauty that lies deeper within.

  3. Hello Nancy, Congrats on your three month anniversary. I remember when I started reading your blog, little Ty was still in my belly. I am really enjoying watching Ben and Rebekah with Ty. They are such a wonderful family and I am blessed to be witness to it. I also hear through the grape vine that your a pretty cool grandma. (grin) That picture of Ty is so sweet. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Rebekah (Anon.) - So glad you are reading my blog. Blessings to you.

  5. Mirrors are so decieving. I look in one and think "Oh, I look pretty good" then an hour later I look in another one and I don't look quite the same. I saw lets live without mirrors!! I guess that is not the answer. Today I will try to count how many times I look in a mirror.

  6. Mary - they are deceiving. What's inside is true.